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Help! My Baby Won’t Nap Without a Pacifier.

Life is a beautiful gift to have and live through each day. Some days are rough, while others are smoother than cocoa butter lotion. Having a baby can be a great blessing in any household, but can also leave the parents nervous. Because of the sudden change in society with the pandemic going on, many parents are transitioning from working away from home to working at home and around their children more. This can be stressful for some, especially if they’re new and need help with keeping a reasonable schedule by taking care of everything in their daily lives.

Typically, parents look forward to their baby taking a nice nap session to complete work, or catch up on several household duties. It is also common for babies to use pacifiers, sippy cups, baby bottles, teething rings, baby blankets, or even have their favorite stuffed animal to assist them to dreamland. Below are tips and tricks to implement during a time like this to lessen the stress off of you and the little one when it is time to take a nap or be at rest.

Play Calming Music to Help Baby Sleep

Playing music to help a baby sleep is the primary goal to soothe the mind. The most common music to play for babies is classical music, smooth jazz instrumentals, or rainforest sounds. Some babies are different, and playing trap music, heavy metal, or organic beats is just as soothing! Practice using what you like to listen to when helping a baby sleep soundly during the day or night.

Placing Your Baby on a Unique Pacifier Schedule

Every baby is different, the same as their dependency on the pacifier. Establishing a strict pacifier schedule will make naptime easier for the baby to use the pacifier less and less. For example, 30 minutes before naptime could be best to remove the pacifier from the baby’s possession. Substitution for either a teething ring or a soft toothbrush can encourage calmness and healthy oral hygiene.

Paci Peek-A-Boo

Babies are unique in their way. Making a game out of their pacifier shortly before naptime is a superb idea of keeping them distracted. Start with how long you can keep the baby’s attention with clapping hands, singing a silly song, or storytime. If the baby is still restless, then play the peek-a-boo game with the pacifier. Peek-a-boo is a splendid way to keep your little one on their toes.

Going Cold Turkey

Having a pacifier, teething ring, cuddle blanket, or baby bottle is a nice comforting object for a baby to have. However, for naptime, having these items in their possession may cause a safety hazard. If the baby is teething, a hole can be created in the teething toy, causing the contents within it to slip out into the crib and his or her mouth. The best content to use for a teething toy is wood, like a wooden spoon, silicone, and rubber. If the baby’s gums are causing more problems than anticipated, then investing in an icebyte teether works also.

Another potential safety hazard is the cuddle blanket, which can lead to SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. For precaution, removing additional blankets and making sure the baby is sleeping on his or her back will reduce the chances of inhaling carbon dioxide. The child may have just to cuddle blanket and cry for a little while. However, that is okay!

A little crying helps strengthen their vocal cords so we can hear them when learning how to talk. Some crying also helps with communication and recognizing different types of crying from your baby. Going cold turkey with the pacifier is not a cruel way to begin the weaning process. It will then encourage your baby to sleep on their own for a nap or going to bed for the night. Also, using this method will show you, as the parent, what your child may like for an alternative way to sleep.

Not Using the Pacifier Altogether

Upon birth, many hospitals encourage mothers from different walks of life to breastfeed their newborns. The primary reason hospitals rarely push pacifiers because the shape of the silicone nipple is not the same shape on the mother’s breast. Even with bottle feeding, the nipple is different compared to the breast nipple. Many moms go without using the pacifier altogether and practice a more organic route.

Alternative ways such as skin to skin, gentle conversation, or regulating your heartbeat can help with soothing the baby. Even after naptime, helping the baby become one with you and his or her surroundings can make the cool-down period easier. Besides not using the pacifier altogether, you will also save time and money.

Timing, Pacing, and Patience

Weaning a baby off of a pacifier is a tremendous transition between parent and baby. This marks the initial step of growing up and developing a special charm for themselves. Basing everything on supporting the baby’s growth and development, will take plenty of time, pacing, and patience. For naptime, he or she may not be ready to sleep without their pacifier. They may want to keep their blanket a little longer, or their favorite toy to feel complacent. As a parent, it is best to judge the situation appropriately and know when it is the appropriate time for that baby.

After taking the time and recognizing when the baby is ready, the next step is to use pacing and patience. Going at the right pace will encourage your baby to wean off the pacifier more. Introducing him or her to something healthier in their daily schedule can work. Like practicing going a whole day without a pacifier or comfort toy every other day can work. If this method works, then continue to practice it with tons of patience. Some days can be harder than others. Other times your baby will dazzle you and punt the pacifier or comfort toy to the curb.

2 thoughts on “Help! My Baby Won’t Nap Without a Pacifier.”

  1. My newborn is just 16 days old. She was given a paci at the NICU just after she was born.

    Today, for the first time, she won’t sleep without it. It’s 10:30pm, and the only sleep she’s gotten in the last 6 hours has been with it in her mouth. Any advice for this situation that you haven’t already written above?

  2. If your baby won’t sleep, check out the sleep method from – Thank you SleepBaby for this brilliant method! My daughter now sleeps from 7pm to 6 or 6:30am every night with almost no night wakings. And even if she wakes, it’s usually just for a second and then she falls back asleep all on her own.

    Most nights I get my 8 hours of sleep and it’s just wonderful! I really feel like I understand her little body and mind and can address her sleeping holistically. I can’t thank you enough, Kacey and the team!

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