9 Magical Items Every Harry Potter Baby Shower Needs

Harry Potter Baby Shower

Harry Potter Baby Shower Ideas

Congratulations on welcoming your new muggle into the world! A second congratulations for not wanting any ordinary, boring baby shower. Rumor has it you’re looking for ideas on how to throw a Harry Potter baby shower. You’ve come to the right place!

Put your broomstick away, switch your Sorting Hat for your thinking cap, and prepare to imagine the magical possibilities as we share with you our best ideas for throwing a Harry Potter baby shower.

Harry Potter Banners

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What would a Harry Potter baby shower be without an adorable banner to greet your guests? As soon as guests walk into your baby shower, they’ll be greeted by this magical banner that says, “Welcome Little Muggle!” Adorned by the iconic Harry Potter lightning bolt and other staples from the series, this is a must-have.

Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

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When planning your Harry Potter baby shower, deserts certainly come to mind. Just like how Hogwarts pays attention to every detail, so should you! Impress your guests with these adorable cupcake toppers. These handmade cupcake toppers feature the lightning, glasses, golden snitch, and Deathly Hallows symbols. Better yet, these are all made with felt and come pre-assembled.

Platform 9 3/4 of King’s Cross Station Backdrop

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Since you’ll be putting so much work into the desserts and food, why not make your magical treats really stand out? With this 69×70 inch backdrop, you’ll surely complete the magical feel. This is an anti-mildew fabric that guests at your Harry Potter themed baby shower will love taking selfies in front of.

Warning: don’t try running into it like in the movies. You’ll just get hurt or end up with a scar on your forehead, just like Harry’s.

Harry Potter Gift Bags

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Don’t send the muggles home with just any old gift bag. Stay true to your Harry Potter baby shower theme with these gift bags! As you can see in the photo, each bag has one of the ties from each house on it. Be careful though! You don’t want to offend somebody who identifies as Gryffindor with a Slytherin bag. Just kidding, nobody’s that sensitive except maybe Crying Myrtle.

Harry Potter Cake Topper

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Welcome your little wizard into the world with these cake topper! This is a must-have for a Harry Potter baby shower. The cake topper is unmistakably Harry as it sports the lightning bolt, glasses, and quidditch wings. It can be used on any sized cake. For more ideas on what to do with it, try using it for photo accessories! What would be cuter than seeing your Grandma holding this little wizard sign and smiling ear-to-ear? Nothing. The answer is nothing would be cuter than that and you know it. Well, except for your new baby.

Harry Potter Balloons

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Decorations set the tone for any party, but especially a Harry Potter themed baby shower. Give your guests’ eyes something to adore with these magical balloons. This 40 piece set is a must-have. These 12-inch latex Harry Potter balloons support both helium and air. You’ll be staying true to your Harry Potter baby shower theme by dazzling guests with balloons that are adorned with icon symbols from the franchise.

Harry Potter Pens

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Give your muggles something to write with! What better than magic broomstick pens? These Harry Potter pens come in packs of 24 and are sure to dazzle. Don’t be surprised if guests try taking these home as they truly are iconic. You’ll need pens for a variety of things, such as your guest book, games, cards, etc. If you’re going all-out for your Harry Potter baby shower, you’ll want these pens as part of your magical collection.

Floating Candles

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Recreate the majestic Hogwarts University with these floating candles. Anybody who has read the books or watched the movies know there are candles EVERYWHERE. Don’t allow your Harry Potter baby shower to go without these. The candles are flameless, battery-operated, and have a realistic flickering amber flame.

The best part? You can create the illusion that they are floating, just like in the movies! They can easily be hung from a fishing line at various lengths and angles to truly give your Harry Potter baby shower that extra pop of magic.

Harry Potter Cutlery

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While this cutlery may not have any Harry Potter symbols, they are the perfect addition. When guests arrive at your Harry Potter baby shower, they’ll be dazzled by all the other decorations previously mentioned. When it’s time to eat, don’t use any regular white cutlery. Be like Dumbledore and showcase your attention to detail with gold! This 160 pack of cutlery includes all the utensils you’ll need.

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