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Help! I Want To Give Back My Adopted Baby.

Reversing an adoption is an emotional rollercoaster that the law is very strict about. It is possible to give back an adopted baby but only if the process favors the child’s interests.

The success of giving back an adopted baby depends on a variety of aspects, but it all boils down to convincing the court that it’s no longer a viable option in your case. This type of request cannot be granted based solely on maternal instinct; you need to back up your hunch with irrefutable evidence as to why you’re changing your mind now.

You need to understand that this is a purely legal matter, and following the law is the secret to giving back an adopted baby, and you need to be 100% sure of your decision.

Steps To Take If You Want To Give Back An Adopted Baby

Immediately Inform The Adoption Agency

If you never went through the proper channels to adapt the baby, then you might face legal action with a likelihood of being convicted. That does not matter even in cases where the child is your biological offspring.

The advantage of involving an adoption agency is that your adoption journey can be traced through the paperwork. Therefore, when you keep them in the loop of your recent decision, it becomes easier to convince the court to grant your request.

Present Irrefutable Evidence

As mentioned before, your request will not be granted on hearsay. Adoption is a process that should improve the life of the youngling, and similarly, reverse adoption should also be done in favor of the baby.

The typical evidence that proves you are not fit as a parent may include:

  • Contracting a contagious illness.
  • Being involved in a life-changing accident that results in disability.
  • Proof that you cannot meet the unique needs of the baby.
  • Being a danger to the baby due to factors such as mental instability, etc.

You may be emotionally drained but reserve some energy to go through tests that the court may order. There have been instances where an adopting parent is ordered to remain with the child because there was insufficient evidence to grant the reversal request. So, in your case, stick to being honest and open to the facts at hand.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

Whether the adoption agency appointed your lawyer or you personally sought them out, they need the full story to help your case. You need to collaborate with the attorney in making sure that the court finds it necessary to grant your request of giving back an adopted baby.

Be Patient

Such a request may go through in rare instances in a few days, but it typically takes longer than that. Thus, prompting another reason why you need first to report the matter to the adoption agency so that they can keep the child in a safe environment in case the process drags on for weeks.

Prepare For A Decision

Of course, you are waiting for the court to grant you this one request, but what will happen if they don’t? If the verdict is for you to remain with the child, you need to be psychologically prepared beforehand.

Such an outcome can lead to suicide or much worse for the baby. Therefore, take time and be ready to accept whatever will be decided. You may have the right to appeal depending on the circumstances, but that is another stressful process.

During the adoption reversal journey, you may develop a genuine need to keep the child, and again if the order takes the infant away, you will be emotionally devastated.

In Conclusion

Adopting a child is hard but what is even more challenging is giving back an adopted baby. If you do not doubt reversing the adoption, then the best help will be from an adoption agency, a lawyer, and a professional to maintain your emotional balance. For anyone looking to give back an adopted baby, they should heavily invest in their emotional well-being, which will play a significant role in determining how such a case will turn out.

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