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Can I Give My Baby Rice Milk?

When Can My Baby Drink Rice Milk?

When it comes to your baby, you are always trying to make sure they get the right nutritional options. Some babies are breast-fed, some take formula, and some are fed in other ways. A lot of mothers have often raised the question of is there a better alternative to formula? Some children cannot process cow’s milk, so how are they going to get the nutrients that they need? What does a mother do if their child is allergic to cow’s milk and also allergic to almond and soy because they contain nuts? This is where a lot of moms turn to rice milk.

What Is Rice Milk?

Not many people have heard of rice milk. It is made from the grains of rice. Pretty neat, huh? The rice is run through a mill, and then granules are removed by diffusion after pressing the rice. Rice has a sweet taste that is completely natural and makes for very delicious milk.

What Nutrients Are Found In Rice Milk?

Although rice milk has some great nutritional values about it, it also has some not so nutritional values about it. Rice milk contains more carbohydrates, calories, and sugars than any other type of milk. There are 120 calories, 10 grams of sugar, 22 carbs, and 0 grams of protein in every cup of rice milk.

Benefits of Rice Milk for Babies

Just like with every other type of milk, rice milk does have it’s benefits. These include:

  • the least chance of an allergic reaction
  • sweeter than many other kinds of milk
  • fortified easily with calcium and vitamins
  • great source of milk for vegans
  • no cholesterol and great for a non-fatty type of milk

Disadvantages of Rice Milk for Babies

Just like with anything else, some risks come along with rice milk, including:

  • rice milk has no protein
  • it does contain inorganic arsenic
  • rice milk often contains salt, water, oil, and rice
  • rice milk has no fat, and children need fat in their milk until age 2
  • high in carbs and sugar

Alternatives to Giving Baby Rice Milk

Although rice milk is an option and it is readily available, it may not be the option you want to jump straight to. Some options are better yet for your children, including almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, and many others.

So, is rice milk safe for my baby or not?!

When it comes to your baby, you want to make sure that you are providing them with the best, healthiest option available to you. Although rice milk is not the healthiest option that you can choose, it is completely safe to feed to your baby or toddler. Rice milk is safe because it is one of not many types of milk that do not cause allergy, but it does not have a lot of nutrients or vitamins that your child needs. It does not have a lot of calcium or Vitamin B12, which is very important to a baby’s diet.

If you are a parent that does not have another option because you have tried all of the different varieties of milk that are available to you, then you should try your child on rice milk, but if your child can take to any other type of milk, then rice milk is not the route to go down. Even if your child has to alternate rice milk and another type of milk, having something there to implement the rice milk would be a great idea.

So remember if rice milk is safe for your child if:

  • 1. your child absolutely cannot take to any other type of milk including but not limited to cows milk, soy milk, almond milk, or hemp milk
  • 2. you are supplementing with other types of milk, vitamins, and minerals
  • 3. your child does not have diabetes or have any other type of medical condition that can be worsened from products with high carbs and sugars
  • 4. your baby needs a low cholesterol diet
  • 5. if you are using it as a method to treat diarrhea in your baby which it has been proven to treat

Rice Milk’s Growing Popularity

Rice milk is becoming more well known across the world because people realize it may be the only option for those that are allergic to cows milk and nuts. Not many people use rice milk because it is so unhealthy for you, but some like to use it as a sweet treat.

Always remember that babies that have been diagnosed with diabetes or underlying health problems should not drink rice milk. You should always look into every option that you can get your hands on before settling on rice milk. Although it is very unhealthy, it may be your only option, and if it is, do not be afraid to use it.

Babies should be fed formula or breast milk, but as a parent, you know that sometimes things can be unavoidable, and often the unthinkable happens to leave you to work with whatever you can. If you are facing an issue like this with your baby, just make sure that you are ensuring that your baby is receiving all of the vitamins and nutrients that they could be lacking.

Rice milk is not healthy for babies, but it is a safe option. It sometimes has to be used. There is often no way around it. Always focus on doing what is best for your baby. The rest will fall into place. Read up on all of your options before deciding on an answer and know that you, as a parent will always make the best decision for your baby as long as you are informed on every option.

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