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Can I Give My Baby Protein Powder?

It would seem every time you tune into television or the radio somebody is preaching the gospel about some new diet. And most of the time, these ‘fad’ diets are being plugged by some celebrity.

“You too can lose the weight and keep it off by using (fad diet) just like (celebrity endorser)!” Brand marketing at its very best, or perhaps very worst. You be the judge.

How many of these ‘diets’ are primarily comprised of protein powder? Most, if not all. Whoever decided protein powder and good marketing will make you rich is probably a very fat and rich person. Some people swear by their protein shakes, bars, and supplements. Any way they can ingest their protein is at the forefront of their day. Now they have a baby.

They automatically assume if the protein powder is good for them, the baby needs it. After all, it is in the form of these yummy shakes, so what’s the harm? Its protein and protein is good, right?

While it is very true, protein is good for you, is it good for children? And more importantly, is it good for your baby? Maybe by the time you read what we have today, you will be able to answer the question, can I give my baby protein powder?

Does My Baby Need Extra Protein?

Parents can often be confused about their babies ‘ specific needs. One mistake a parent can make is to assume it’s okay because they do it. Parents are sometimes not so easy to convince their baby is a totally separate individual from themselves. And no two people are alike. Similar yes, alike not so much.

Just because you indulge in using protein powder, don’t assume it will benefit your baby. Babies’ needs are a bit different from our own. Do they need protein? Yes. Do they need extra protein? Probably not.

Protein powder is loaded with added sugars. They can contain anything from sugar alcohol to artificial sweeteners. Not the ideal type of sugar a baby needs in their diet. Some pediatricians argue the point of items such as protein shakes are not actually real food and therefore provide no real benefit.

Children, especially infants, do an excellent job of getting proper nutrients in their normal diet. Their normal daily intake is perfectly fine in providing the needed protein.

Spend Your Money Elsewhere

It would probably benefit you and the child by skipping protein powder altogether. It is rather expensive, and you could take the money and buy other natural protein-rich foods for the baby.

Brown rice, chicken, and yogurt are excellent sources of protein. And they tend to be a bit more budget-friendly as well. Should you even be considering giving your baby protein powder consult with the child’s doctor?

Also, consider the message you are sending the child. If you are giving them protein shakes in the place of a proper meal, it may be a hard habit to break. A proper diet should never be given an alternative.

But Baby’s Formula is Loaded With Protein

Yes, infant formula contains protein in the form of whey protein. So just to be fair, whey protein is very healthy and provides an adequate amount of protein in the baby’s diet when regulated through their formula feeding.

It doesn’t mean you should run out to the store and purchase the huge economy-sized container of whey protein.

Whey protein in the baby’s formula is added in just the right amount to provide the protein needed. No additional protein supplements are required for a healthy baby.

Using protein powders and supplements can cause ‘protein toxicity.’ A condition whereby too much protein is in the child’s bloodstream. Protein toxicity can lead to the death of the child. And also, a reminder, protein powder, and supplements are not heavily regulated by the FDA. Anyone using these types of supplements needs to bear these facts in mind when using them.

The Market for Children’s Protein Supplements

The world of brand promotion is alive and kicking when it comes to protein supplements for kids. And rightly so. If there was ever one child diagnosed adequately as being protein deficient, 20 different companies were offering their products. And every one of them claims to be the best or THE one you need for a healthy child.

Now, what parent doesn’t want a healthy child? I thought so. A child’s health is at the top of every parent’s wish list. It even tops them being president or the next big CEO or whatever. Every parent wants a very healthy child. And when your doctor may suggest using a supplement of a certain nature, you assume the worst.

The next trip to the big-box retailer supports the claim. There are thousands of nutritional supplements, mostly protein, geared toward your child.

When a trusted name like Pedialyte has a nutritional protein supplement, why wouldn’t you try it? Only if directed to do so by the child’s doctor. Say it over and over until it becomes etched in your brain only if the doctor says so. And only use what the doctor said to use, in the dosage he said to use it.

Dangers of Protein Supplements

We have already mentioned the possibility of protein toxicity in children, but there are other issues too. Too much protein in a child’s diet can lead to:

  • Later obesity problems
  • Organ damage such as liver and kidneys
  • Weakened immune systems

What seems to be healthy, in large continuous quantities, can be problematic. The old saying, ‘too much of anything is bad for you,’ comes to mind.


Your baby is probably getting more protein than you realize. And the amount of protein is sufficient for their tiny bodies. Just don’t assume since you take these supplements, your baby should be too.

Something they can never get too much of is love and affection.

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