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Can I Give My Baby Maple Syrup?

Can maple syrup cause Botulism?

If your baby is over a year of age, maple syrup can be a delicious natural treat to introduce them too. With that said, many new parents fear giving maple syrup to little ones in fear that it may cause some adverse reaction in their little ones such as botulism. Botulism is a bacteria that occurs in some natural sweet sourced foods such as honey.

Thankfully, maple syrup does not contain these bacteria. This is because maple syrup is extracted right from maple trees and boiled soon after killing off any sort of bacteria that might be in it. With that said, there is a rare chance your little one could have an allergic reaction to maple syrup. If you are concerned, have an allergy test done before serving it up. Otherwise, there are ten great ways you can serve this natural treat up to your little one to enjoy.

Popular Kid-Friendly Breakfast Dishes

Some of the best finger foods for baby’s over a year old are breakfast foods such as:

  • mini pancakes
  • french toast bites
  • mini blueberry muffins
  • Donuts holes
  • Fresh Fruit Chunks

Serving up a side of maple syrup to dip these popular kid-friendly breakfast treats in is one of the best ways babies can enjoy it. If your little one doesn’t eat pancakes, french toast bites, or muffins, yet you can also drizzle some maple syrup over their baby cereal or oatmeal instead as a little sweet treat.

Over Frozen Yogurt And Ice Cream

Maple syrup is a naturally sweet treat that tastes amazing over frozen yogurt or vanilla ice cream, which are two things most babies love to eat. If your baby hates eating super cold frozen treats, you could always serve some plain yogurt up with a drizzle of maple syrup over it for your baby to try out.

In Baked Goods

In our household, we make our baby cookies for our little one to snack on. Most of the time, if I have maple syrup on hand, I will use that to sweet up her baby cookies. She seems to love maple syrup flavored baby cookies, so your little one might love trying out maple syrup this way too. If not, you could always use maple syrup to sweeten up a batch

Drizzled Over Pureed Root Vegetables

Some root vegetables pair well with maple syrup. If you are still making pureed vegetables for your little one, go ahead and drizzle a teaspoon or two of maple syrup into the puree to add natural sweetness. Some of the best vegetable pureed baby foods to add maple syrup too are carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.

Homemade Applesauce

In our household, we make large batches of homemade apple sauce for our year old baby to eat, but we add in maple syrup to help sweeten it up naturally. You can make up a batch of applesauce with maple syrup in it yourself and see if your baby loves eating maple syrup this way too. To make this snack, just peel and core 12 apples and place them into a large pot with about a cup of apple juice. Place a lid onto the pot and cook the apples on medium heat until the apples become tender. After, remove the pot of cooked apples from the stove-top and mash with a masher until you have a sauce. Next, add in a half cup of maple syrup to add sweetness.

Drizzled Over Banana Slices

Now banana slices are already sweet as is but once in a while. You will get one that isn’t ripe enough or sweet enough. If this occurs, you can slice a banana up and drizzle some maple syrup over the slice as a sweet, healthy treat to your baby as a finger-friendly snack.

As A Dipping Sauce

If your baby has just started with finger foods such as chicken or veggie nuggets, maple syrup can be the perfect natural dipping sauce to pair with it. I know our little struggles with getting a good source of protein into her belly. Thankfully serving maple syrup up as a dipping sauce with her vegan nuggets has done wonders for making her mealtime a bit tastier.

In Pureed Prunes or Plums

If your little one suffers from constipation, adding pureed prunes or plums into their diet can help. However, the taste of prunes and plums can be offset, so adding a drizzle or two of maple syrup into their pureed prunes or plums can help make it tastier. If prunes and plum purees are tastier, your baby will eat them with ease and poop with ease too. This makes for a happy baby and a happy parent.

Warm Milk At Bedtime

Warm milk does wonders for helping a baby fall fast asleep. If your baby above a year of age and still drinks warm milk before bed but has become bored with the flavor, add in maple syrup. Maple syrup contains minerals that help relax the body when paired with milk, which could create the perfect sleeping remedy for your baby before bedtime. An early to bed baby allows unwinding time for the parents, which is always needed to be the best and feel the best.

Maple Syrup As Is

Maple syrup is also perfect for giving a year old baby, as is a naturally sweetened treat. Just dip a spoon into some maple syrup and let the little one lick away. Just remember not to do this too much throughout the day because you don’t want your little one to get spiked blood sugar levels. With that said, it is fun to have in moderation for a little sweet treat.

End Thoughts To Keep In Mind

Now that you know maple syrup is safe to give to your babies over one year of age, you can try it out in some of the ways just mentioned. If you do still have concerns about giving your baby maple syrup after reading this guide, go ahead and give your family doctor a shout to see what he or she says.

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