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10 Benefits of Giving Your Baby Lemons

Can my baby have lemons?

Lemon is considered one of the essential fruits for babies above the age of 6 months. It belongs to the citrus group and provides multiple health benefits to babies. Lemons are suitable for the growth of your baby. It is a relatively extensive fruit and grows to the size of an apple and even more. When the fruit is ripe, it turns yellow ad produces the right amount of juice for your baby.

The origin of lemon can be traced back to India in the northwestern parts. Lemon fruit is grown at around 4000 ft above the sea level. It was introduced to Europe and the Mediterranean areas at about 11th and 12th centuries.

Lemon is common and prevalent among Mediterranean cuisines, usually used in salads. Lemon fruit has the following nutrients, protein 1.10g, sugar 2.50g, water 88.98g, Iron, 0.60g, Vitamin C 53mg, Vitamin A 22UI, Vitamin B-6 0.080mg, Riboflavin 0.020mg, Phosphorous 16mg, and Sodium 2mg.

It is a bother to most parents, given that they consider that their babies cannot take sour foods and that they perceive lemon as being acidic. Due to the stated worries from parents, they tend to be reluctant to give their babies lemon.

Wait until 10 months!

However, as a parent, when your baby turns ten months, you can introduce him to lemons. Do not give the slices of lemons directly to your baby but instead introduce lemon to your baby in a diluted form. If you realize that your baby has allergies to lemons, then avoid giving him a lemon. However, you can still give small amounts of lemon, which are diluted.

Lemons are considered as having minerals and vitamins that are important in the detoxification of the body, and they are essential in the provision of gut health. Giving your baby lemon juice increases the rate of absorption of Iron by the body of your baby. You can give your baby some amount of warm lemon in the morning for his health.

Lemons contain relatively high quantities of Vitamin C, plant compounds, and soluble fiber. They also contain about 89% water and 10% carbs. Lemons provide around 20 calories. Giving your baby lemons means giving him good health.

Here are some reasons why it’s ok to feed your baby lemon:

1. Reduces Scurvy

Scurvy is an oral and skin disease that results from a lack of Vitamin C and ascorbic acid in the diet of your baby. Giving your baby lemon will protect him from contracting scurvy. Give your baby two teaspoons of lemon juice added to a glass of water containing sugar thrice a day, through this you reduce the risks of your baby contracting scurvy and keeping his healthy. Lemon consists of Vitamin C, which it’s inadequate in the diet of your baby cause scurvy. This implies that giving your baby lemon protects him from scurvy.

2. Essential in curing the digestive system of your baby

Your baby is likely to develop complications related to the digestive system, and they can be minimized by introducing your baby to lemons. The acidity of the lemon juice contains anthelmintic properties that can kill worms in the intestines. Lemon juice further has other digestive features that can be given to your baby when he is suffering from biliousness, constipation, and dyspepsia.

3. Reduces vomiting

Your baby might have vomiting conditions usually arising from gastric reflux and chronic indigestion, and other nervous complications. The instances of vomiting can be minimized by giving your baby half a teaspoon of lemon juice.

4. Reduces diarrhea

Your baby is subject to diarrhea, following that the condition is common among toddlers. When your baby has diarrhea, you should have the concern of restoring the levels of water in his body. You can use lemon juice, which is diluted in water about one teaspoon, mix it with salt and sugar, then give it to your baby. This acts as an alternative to treating diarrhea in your baby apart from using oral rehydration methods.

5. Treats tonsillitis

Lemon fruit is considered as one of the best medications for tonsillitis in children. Give your baby two teaspoons of diluted lemon juice in a warm glass of water mixed with honey. Through this, your baby will recover from tonsillitis and reduces the risks of contracting the disease again.

6. Cures oral diseases

Many toddlers are subject to contracting oral diseases. Lemon juice consists of Vitamin C that serves as the best remedy for mouth ulcers in your baby. Give your baby some amount of lemon juice daily to cure mouth ulcers.

Giving your baby ripe lemon daily is essential in fighting mouth ulcers. However, when giving your baby lemons, ensure that you do not give him high amounts because it will erode his enamel of the teeth.

7. Increase immunity

Lemon juice offers your baby with Vitamin C that is essential in strengthening his protection. The immune system is fundamental in protecting your baby from disease-causing microbes. Your baby is at risk, given that toddlers have a less developed immune system. Giving your baby diluted lemon makes his immune system strong and protects him against disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

8. Cures cholera

Lemon consists of nutrient properties that are important in preventing and fighting against cholera. The acidic nature of the lemon juice can kill cholera, causing bacteria over a short period. You can also give your baby lemon juice when he is suffering from cholera to immune him against the disease.

9. Reduces cold and influenza

Toddlers are subject to get cold. Giving your baby lemon juice daily protects him from cold. Lemon is also essential in curing the flu. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C, which is significant in fighting influenza.

10. Growth and development

Lemons consist of nutrients and various vitamins, which are essential in the growth and development of your baby. Giving your baby lemon juice makes him have healthy teeth and bones because lemon juice contains a considerable amount of calcium and phosphorous.

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