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Can I Give My Baby Hemp Milk?

The marijuana plant and hemp have recently come up as a popular thing to utilize for pain relief and medicinal use. Medical marijuana has continued to prove itself in the marketplace, but as for the other products such as hemp and CBD, they are still working there way into popularity. But not there is the much-discussed idea of utilizing hemp milk. Can I give my baby hemp milk? Are there benefits to it that cows milk or other sources can’t provide? Here are a few fun facts on giving a baby hemp milk.

Yes, your baby can have hemp milk.

Actually, for children over seven months, it is proven that hemp milk is safe. Seven months seems to be the magic number for most children. Before you ask yourself why seven months? Consider the fact that most pediatricians don’t recommend anything other than breast milk before six months.

This is because the infant’s stomach is not ready to process anything else up to that point. Hemp milk has zero side effects. When you think hemp, you think the psychedelic seventies were a constant high as normal. However, the use of hemp in milk form has no psychedelic side effects at all. Most of all, the side effects are positive.

Side effects of giving your baby hemp milk:

Well, maybe the title of this section should be the benefits of hemp milk in children because almost all the side effects are positive. But since there is one negative, let us get that out of the way. There was a higher percentage of children who utilized hemp milk and suffered constipation. But in all cases, the children got so many good side effects to weigh the bad out.

Among the positive side effects are fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, calcium, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals. So many vitamins and minerals that would make this writing boring to list them all. To see them listed out and other pros of giving your baby hemp milk, check out

Does the way hemp is produced matter to my baby?

Because hemp milk is a little new in the baby world, and most parents are super conscious about what they are giving their children, it is important to understand how they harvest and produce hemp milk. Hemp milk can be made by just mixing seeds and water and grinding them. Then you can strain it through a cheesecloth. Some people make there own hemp milk, but it can also be purchased. Be aware that it is very common to use sweeteners in the bigger corporations in hemp milk to add a little flavor.

How can hemp milk be for babies?

Hemp milk can be used anywhere that cows milk can be used. It is common to use it in shakes and cooking. However, it does have a more earthy taste. But one other great benefit is that it is hypoallergenic, so if you have a dairy allergy, you will likely be able to drink hemp milk safely

Along with that, some commercial products have added vitamins and minerals that help the milk be more beneficial to your body. Another great place to use hemp milk is to bathe in it. It is great for the skin and has proven to help with childhood eczema itching, as well as acne. To read more on how hemp milk is used and how it is produced, go to

What do the studies say about giving hemp milk to a baby?

Studies have shown that in children, hemp milk has been very beneficial in providing the nutrients needed for healthy growth as well as being a great option for children allergic to dairy. Hemp milk has also been shown to have additional skin benefits for children and adults alike

It has proven to help reduce eczema and other similar skin issues in children because they utilize hemp milk instead of cows milk. Along with that, it has great heart benefits for children and adults. These studies also show that children whos’ parents give them hemp milk are also more aware of what their children are eating.

Therefore, children typically seem to be healthier. Hemp milk has also proved to be a great detoxifier in the human body. It helps reduce the bad gunk floating around that our kidneys and liver have to work out.

Baby hemp milk recipes:

There are numerous recipes with how to make homemade hemp milk. Homemade hemp milk seems to be the cheaper, better option than purchasing it. Then you will be sure that there aren’t other additions to the milk. The easiest recipe to make hemp milk can be found at

You take four cups of water and blend it with half a cup of hemp hearts, four dates, and a teaspoon of vanilla. The vanilla just helps add a little extra taste. Then you strain it through a cheesecloth to remove the small chunks of hemp. This mixture is the finished product. Then you can store it in the refrigerator for a few days. But it is so delicious.

It’s unlikely there will be much to store. This milk can be used for many things such as cooking, drinking, and using for your skin. Many people give their infants milk baths. This is a great and easy way to use hemp, as well. It has shown to have many benefits to the skin.


In the end, it seems that the answer to whether or not it is a good idea to give a baby hemp milk is yes. Hemp milk has been proven over and over to have many health benefits as well as providing much-needed minerals and vitamins to children. Along with that, studies have shown all the benefits of hemp milk in children and adults. If you have a child that is dairy allergic or you just need a healthier alternative to cows milk, then consider hemp milk as your best option. Hemp milk is 100 percent safe and only carries very very trace amounts of THC. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects on your child.

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