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Giving Your Baby Goldfish Crackers? Be Careful!

    Can my baby eat Goldfish crackers?

    Goldfish crackers are a classic snack.

    They have been around for a lot of years and are well known as basically every child’s favorite. They are tasty, crunchy, and cheesy, making them appealing all across the board from babies to 30-year-olds.

    Despite this, your baby should not eat Goldfish crackers.

    Recent research has arisen that maybe they are not the best option for a tasty snack. Many dangers are now being associated with Goldfish crackers.

    So if you are a new mom looking for an easy mid-afternoon snack, do your research before reaching for a box of nummy Goldfish crackers.

    Reasons not to feed your baby Goldfish crackers:

    When it comes to losing postpartum weight, most moms struggle a little. The shifting of hormones and the struggle of making good choices despite complete exhaustion is too much. Goldfish crackers are carbohydrate-filled and not the right choice to go to in a pinch.

    Some Goldfish crackers are also filled with preservatives and gluten that can be harmful to your attempt at dieting as well as your child’s health.

    Give your baby off-brand Goldfish instead.

    If you decide to go ahead and let your children snack on those happy little fish, then consider the brand that you choose to go with. The name-brand Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish crackers are filled with over 100 mg of salt per serving.

    That number is a disturbingly high amount. However, many off-brand Goldfish crackers are filled with even more sodium. The high amounts of sodium can lead to many other problems, especially in children such as pre-diabetes and obesity.

    Be sure that you are double-checking the brands of Goldfish (and all other foods) that you are feeding your child.

    Are Goldfish crackers bad for my baby?

    Let’s be honest; we have all been feeding our littles Goldfish crackers from the day that they started asking for a snack.

    Goldfish crackers are like a right of passage for American children. Although they are not the healthiest snack, just like anything else, they can be enjoyed in moderation.

    Will your baby choke on Goldfish?

    One thing to be aware of is the hazard of choking. Goldfish are an excellent option for children who are old enough and have enough teeth to handle chewing crackers. A lot of people say to wait until your child is two years old before giving light crackers like Goldfish.

    It is super easy for a child to inhale the crackers accidentally. When choking on food, your baby runs the risk of debris getting caught in his/her lungs. This event may cause infections such as pneumonia.

    Goldfish crackers may not be the best first snack, especially for babies less than a year old.

    Goldfish have been recalled.

    Pepperidge Farm issued a recall on a certain number of their Goldfish crackers.

    The recall is because one of their distributors that sells them the protein powder had a recall due to salmonella.

    Don’t feed your baby recalled Goldfish!

    This recall has since been remedied. However, if you have Goldfish in your pantry, you should look into the possibility that they may be part of the recall.

    Always double-check your packages for recall. This could apply to all your foods.

    Watch the news and be aware of what is going on in the world. Many products are recalled daily, especially child-related recalls. So it is essential to be mindful of this and make the right decisions on what you are feeding your children.

    Being aware is the first step in making good decisions for your children. Recalls can be for scary reasons, and you should always be aware of what recalls are going on. Whether it is food or products, being aware of what is going on and in your child’s body is very important. The Goldfish recall produced many news stories.

    School and Goldfish crackers

    Sending your child to school with Goldfish crackers may not be the best idea.

    Is there a child in your child’s school who needs a gluten-free diet? If so, these may not be the best snack. Even if you don’t intend for it to happen, the other child could get a hold of them.

    Diets high in gluten and dairy (both in Goldfish crackers) are associated with stomach and intestinal problems. Gluten and dairy have also been associated with eczema and other similar skin problems.

    Your child’s body has to find a way to dispose of toxic things. A healthier diet can help your child with any potential skin problems.

    The parents of other children with allergies are very appreciative of parents who consider this when packing their child’s lunch. Children touch each other and share food; it is too easy for contact to come into place.

    There are many reasons Goldfish crackers don’t belong in your child’s lunch box.

    Will feeding your baby Goldfish impact his sleep schedule?

    Absolutely! Feeding your baby Goldfish may have an impact on his sleep schedule. Many parents feed their baby Goldfish without even considering that it may totally impact your baby for days to come.

    Your baby’s diet will impact their sleep quality. Therefore, I highly recommend using this specific baby sleep schedule no matter what you feed your baby.

    Can Goldfish cause your baby to have nightmares?

    Some parents believe that foods such as Goldfish may cause your baby to have nightmares. You might be just as surprised as us to learn how much Goldfish impacts your baby’s sleep. However, there are ways to check if the Goldfish ingredients are impacting your baby’s sleep. Check out that link to learn more about Goldfish’s impact on your baby’s sleep schedule.


    Goldfish crackers are an old-time snack for a new generation. However, remain aware of food recalls and how they could negatively impact your child’s life… or even your baby’s sleep!

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