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Can I Give My Baby Dramamine?

You and your spouse both agree. It’s ROAD TRIP TIME! You begin the preparations, checklist-style.

Daily meds, check. Sunscreen, check, Dramamine, check…Wait a second. It’s your first such trip with the new baby. While you are all excited about the baby’s first trip, you pause for a moment and ask yourself. I wonder if my baby will get motion sickness as I do? As you ponder the question, you turn to drag out the old trusty Samsonite suitcase and keep on packing.

Remember last year, you were not only motion sick on the trip, but you were also seasick too! Yep, the last vacation was one big ‘puke fest’ and you were the star! You have just learned a page from parenting 101.

Not only could your baby get motion sick, but it wouldn’t be advisable to take a baby out where there is a chance for seasickness as well. You will have to cancel the dinner cruise. The little person is only a few months old. And already he or she is shaping the way you do stuff.

But you still wonder about the actual road trip. Better do some parenting. A few phone calls, a bit of research, and maybe then a road trip! But first, let’s try to answer your question, can I give my baby Dramamine? Puke bags, check.

What is Dramamine?

Dramamine is dimenhydrinate. An inexpensive over the counter medication designed to help with motion sickness, or to keep nausea at bay while riding in a plane, train, or automobile. (or boat for the darn dinner cruise)

It is widely used in adults and children over the age of two. And your baby isn’t quite two now is he?

Dramamine can be used in children under the age of two. Provided they are doing so under the care and advice of their doctor. There is no definitive answer as to how to use Dramamine in infants. Although asking your baby’s doctor may yield some.

Your doctor may make other suggestions in case motion sickness occurs. Remember, you aren’t really sure if the baby will get sick in the first place.

Alternatives to Dramamine

There are other over the counter and home remedies your doctor could suggest. Some of them are:

  • Benadryl, or diphenhydramine
  • Zofran, for stomach issues and nausea
  • Ginger lozenges or sip ginger ale

If you have already been on baby’s first road trip and had no success with these then a proper consultation with the doctor or pharmacist will be required. Don’t just automatically assume your baby needs to be given Dramamine. It could do more harm than good. Nothing is worse than a vacation cut short because of health-related issues.

Also when consulting with doctors or pharmacy be sure they are aware of any medication your child may be on. If it is deemed necessary to give them Dramamine, there are certain medications that don’t do so good with Dramamine. Be aware. Be Proactive. Be a parent.

Cut Down on the Chances for Motion Sickness

There are some steps you can take to be proactive in preventing the chances of a motion sick baby. These work just as well with older children and adults. Perhaps by using the following tips you can eliminate the whole motion sickness issue.

  • Reduce sensory input. Have you or your child stare out the window at a passing object rather than being fixated on items inside the vehicle. It works better on older children who can relate to, “hey look at the (fill in the blank)
  • Watch what they eat just before the trip begins. Limit the chances of food coming back up
  • Again with older children, you could try some ginger-based candies.

These are just a few suggestions. The internet is full of tips and suggestions regarding the prevention of motion sickness.

Items to Try or Have on Hand Literally

Another quick internet search and you can find some rather good ideas on dealing with motion sickness. While there is no positive proof some of these actually work they are worth a try. Especially if you have an Olympic Gold Medal Puker on your passenger manifest.

The first item uses acupressure. Acupressure has gained popularity over the years and some people are downright religious about its use and effectiveness. Your infant may or may not be able to tell you if the Sea-Band brand wrist bands are working, just notice if the vomiting slows or stops. They work by placing a small nodule of rubber on the inside of the band where the wrist would be located. Just position them according to package instructions. They come in a variety of fashionable colors too!

You may want to invest in a couple of long-sleeved smocks for the baby. These larger bibs are designed for infants who get motion sickness. And they come in colors as well!

When all else fails, get a 100-150 count pack of good old fashioned barf bags. Most pharmacies stock all of these items and it may pose well to stop by before heading out!

Travel at Night

Nip your chronic puker in the bud by traveling at night. It’s a win-win. The baby sleeps through the trip and you will have less traffic to deal with!

With a bit of luck, you just might make the trip without having to stop and hose the baby down. Or the inside of the family car. And you. And the dog. Get it?

Babies tend to travel better when sleeping anyway. On an airline for instance which would you want to sit by? The sleeper, or the screamer? Just saying!

In Conclusion

Even though there is children’s Dramamine available, there is no infant’s Dramamine. But there are as always tips and suggestions such as these for a better overall traveling experience!

If they still insist on puking, just give some large doses of love and affection!

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