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Can I Give My Baby Chicken Soup?

I would imagine everyone loves chicken soup. If not, there may be an issue with their taste buds. Chicken soup is healthy and very comforting on those drab and dreary days. However, it is not adults or children we are speaking of. Can you give your baby chicken soup? How young is too young for soup? Does it have to be just broth? So many questions with no readily available answers. Let me put it this way, if your baby is beginning solid foods, then, by all means, give in to the taste and let your little one enjoy it. There will need to be a few tiny differences compared to the way Mom and Dad eat it, but nothing too drastic.

From Liquid To Solid

When it is time for your bundle of joy to begin solid foods, we make them just a tad bit thicker than what they were used to. Generally, that means using breastmilk or formula to mix up baby cereal as the beginning of solids. Many of us parents mixed cereal with many different foods to make them thicker. Now, parents do not need to do that too much. I believe that using cereal and pureeing other solids to mix with the cereal helps the baby adjust to the tastes of new foods easier. If you think about it, when they begin to eat, cereal is the first food. You find that, like other people, they have a favorite. Let’s use the rice flavored as an example. When you mix up a can of chicken noodle soup for yourself, it is fine the way it is. A baby may not like it that way. Let’s say you use a spoonful of rice cereal and mix it into the broth. You may also want to ensure the noodles are cut into smaller pieces. Do you think the baby will have an easier time tasting the straight broth that will be swallowed almost instantly, or will the flavor of their favorite cereal mixed with chicken broth, chicken, and noodles stay a tad longer on their tongue so they can get the flavor?

To Salt Or Not

Let’s face it; many adults have a terrible habit with their salt shaker. We know too much salt is not healthy for anyone. So, if you decide to feed your baby chicken soup from a can, the same as you eat, use extra water to dilute it. For that fact, it can be mixed with formula or breast milk too, along with some baby cereal. There is no reason to give your baby or yourself that much sodium.

Broth Or Not

It is perfectly acceptable if the baby does not have any broth. If you strain the soup and just use chicken and the noodles mashed together, your little one may prefer the taste of it better that way.

Healing Thoughts

Okay, so what is the first thing you think of making for yourself when you have a cold? Yes, good old chicken soup. By now, you have learned that when a baby does not feel good, it is near impossible to get them to eat. Forcing the situation only creates trauma over mealtime. Your main goal with a sick baby is to try to get as much nutrition into them as possible. Chicken soup is filled with vitamins and minerals, more beneficial than the sodium.

Along with gelatin, these vitamins and minerals are in the best form to give to your sick little one. /the gelatin aids digestion by attracting digestive fluids to the tummy. This gelatin that you find in chicken soup is a highly nutritious mix of proteins that all babies need.

Enter The Comfort

When a little one is so sick that the thought of food does not interest them, you know that their bottle or the cup will. Babies get dehydrated just as we do. The chicken broth that is just warm, never hot, will soother and fill your baby’s tummy. This will help them sleep also. All those nutrients, vitamins, and minerals previously mentioned will then begin their job of healing your little one.

Live Without The Can

I did previously mention giving the baby some soup if you open one for yourself. I also mentioned diluting it further to minimize the sodium content. Well, not that I am taking that all back, I just want to reiterate that when it is time to feed your baby, homemade is always best. Creating all homemade foods not only for the baby but for you and the rest of the family is healthier all the way around. The plus to homemade foods is that you know exactly what is inside the recipe. You control the seasoning and the spices. You add only what you want. I think many people may be astonished at the true tastes of the foods they eat if they were to eliminate all seasoning.

Go For Vegetables Or Chicken

The best way to get nutrition into your baby is by food. I tend to scream about homemade foods more than all the rest due to the idea of knowing exactly what is in the foods going into the people you love. Chicken is probably the best first meat for a baby. Vegetables are phenomenal. With such a wide variety of potatoes, greens, and all the rest, there should never be a doubt that you are giving your loves the best of the best. Making chicken and vegetable soup combines the best of both and includes all the nutrition you can think of. Soups are also a way of adding new vegetables and flavors in and giving the baby a chance to like them. Compared to the toddlers or older children now, if they do not like what it looks like, they can not eat it. As a parent, you can change that outlook. You can puree the vegetable one at a time; you can make a combination of two or more. As they grow, be sure to let the baby see his or her parents eating plenty of variety too.

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