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Can I Give My Baby Chia Seeds?

Can my baby eat chia seeds?

Chia seeds are exceptional food that is derived from Salvia Hispanic, which is a plant that grows in desert habitats.

The seeds have a strong nutritional punch, and one ounce contains over 139 calories, eleven grams of fiber, antioxidants, calcium, omega 3s, and manganese, nine grams of fat, and four grams of protein.

Chia seeds are consumed unprocessed, and they are easily absorbed into the body. They have a nutty and mild flavor that makes them an ideal ingredient to be added to various beverages and foods.

Yes, Chia seeds are suitable for your baby. However, chia seeds can be difficult for your baby to digest, but once your baby has developed his digestive system, then digesting chia seeds becomes easy.

Begin by giving your baby small amounts of chia seeds. Start by adding two teaspoons of chia seeds to his meals.

After a period, when the baby is used to the meal, you can now increase the portions.

When can my baby start eating chia seeds?

Always as a parent, try to seek guidance from a pediatrician before introducing your baby to chia seeds or other dietary supplements. The right time to introduce chia seeds to your baby is at 6-8months old.

Ensure that you soak the seeds and mix them thoroughly before you give them to your baby.

Consider giving your baby chia seeds when he begins to try eating nibbles of fresh whole foods, including bananas, steamed veggies, and strawberries.

Do not worry about the health of your baby and what nutritious foods to offer your baby, and chia seeds are there for you.

You can incorporate chia seeds into your baby’s diet by adding them to his recipes.

Add the seeds into rice dishes, yogurt, salads, fruit purees, and salad dressings alongside other recipes.

Use chia seeds as a substitute for eggs in vegetarian recipes by mixing with water and allow to blend and thicken. For denser consistency, add the mixture into drinks and smoothies.

You can also add chia seeds to baked foods like bread before giving your baby.

Chia seeds have the following benefits for your baby:

Strengthens bones and teeth

Chia seeds contain high portions of calcium as compared to other dairy products.

Calcium is an essential mineral for the development of baby’s teeth and bones. This implies that your baby will grow strong bones and teeth that are free from decomposition.

Furthermore, chia seeds consist of proteins, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese that are all fundamental for the growth of strong teeth and bones.

Protects the heart

Chia seeds contain fatty acids that are significant for your baby’s health regarding the heart. The fatty acids reduce the levels of cholesterol in the heart and increase the functionality of the arteries.

Chia seeds provide fatty acids just as the ones found in fish. For vegans and vegetarians, chia seeds act as a source of fatty acids.

The fatty acids found in chia seeds act as anti-inflammation, and they regulate the level of cholesterol in the heart.

Increases immunity

Chia seeds consist of antioxidants that are vital for the body of your baby to fight against health complications like cancer. Chia sees also decreases the damage in your baby’s body results from the free radicals.

Full of proteins

Chia seeds have high protein contents that are fundamental in helping your baby to control hunger, containing midnight snacking, and increases the repair of muscles.

According to the study, chia seeds are 14% proteins, which more as compared to other plant products.

Improves digestion

Chia seeds are abundant in fiber that is essential in promoting your baby’s good bacteria in the intestines and helps to regulate the level of cholesterol and contains the movement of the bowel.

Introducing your baby to chia seeds ensure a healthy digestive system which provides balanced body weight.

Keeps check of body weight

The high amount of fiber found in chia seeds is significant in the body of your baby as it absorbs excess water. Through this, your baby will feel full for long periods and thus prevents your baby from eating junk foods regularly.

Improves hair and skin

Chia seeds are rich in fats, proteins, and minerals, which are essential in giving your baby a healthy skin, hair, and even nails. This implies that your baby will grow to be healthy and active.

Controls blood sugar levels

Chia seeds are essential in helping your baby’s body to reduce and regulate the levels of insulin in the blood. They further support the body of your baby to lower blood pressure hence reducing the risks of your baby contracting Type-2 diabetes.

Boosts energy

Chia seeds consist of minerals and proteins that will help your baby to be energetic and robust. Studies indicate that one ounce of chia seeds contains more than 20% of calcium and 4.4 grams of proteins.

This implies that your baby will be healthy when he is introduced to chia seeds.

Moreover, giving your baby chia seeds daily provides him with around 18% calcium needs, 30% manganese, 27% phosphorous, and small portions of copper and potassium, which are essential in keeping your baby healthy and energetic.

Improves quality of life

Giving your baby chia seeds will reduce his risks of various health complications, including diabetes, obesity.

Chia seeds offer support to your baby regarding health complexion and increased health and reduce weight in your baby.

Treats diverticulosis

Chia seeds are rich in high portions of fiber that are important in decreasing the prevalence in flare-ups of the health complication known as diverticulitis as it absorbs excess water in the colon of your baby and enhances bowel movements.

Giving your large baby portions of chia seeds will reduce the chances of his body inflammation of the colon and decreases pressure.

Diverticular is caused by the lack of fiber in the body, therefore giving your baby chia seeds will protect him from the disease.

Further, giving your baby chia seeds supplies his body with enough fiber that is significant in reducing the risks of the baby getting cardiovascular disease.

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