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Pros & Cons of Feeding Your Baby Beans

baby eating beans

Can I Give My Baby Beans?

Beans are often thought of as one of the most nutritious foods a person can put in their body. Beans are filled with nothing but good vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and fibers. They are so good for us to eat and help us get many of the nutrients we would otherwise miss out on. The nutrients in beans are considered necessary for a well-rounded, healthy diet.

But are beans safe to feed your baby?

How & When to Start Feeding Beans to Your Baby

You should wait until your baby is at least 8 to 10-months-old until you start feeding your baby beans. It is not only children and adults who benefit from eating beans; babies also gain a lot of health benefits when they eat beans!

Giving your baby beans can help in providing your baby with the nutrients necessary to support their rapidly growing bodies.

Your baby lives purely on a liquid diet for the first few months of their life. For this reason, when you start introducing solids you should go slowly. Only do a few at a time and restrict their portion size of beans as they start going from just milk to solids.

Check out this video on how to make green pea puree baby food!

Is It Better to Give a Baby Lentils?

Many doctors also recommend starting your baby out with lentils instead of other things like green beans or green peas. This is because lentils are a bean that is very easy to digest, meaning it gives their stomach an easier time to start adjusting.

There are several different types of baby foods made out of beans that you can buy at the store, but if you decide you want to make it on your own, there are several simple recipes you can choose from that will be a tasty first treat for your baby to try!

Beans Should Not Be Your Baby’s First Solid Food

Most experts will tell you that you can start introducing semi-solids to your baby once they reach 6 months in age as long as you give it to them slowly and continue to give them their milk.

Though you may be able to start introducing solids to them at around this time, many doctors agree that giving your baby beans may not be the best first meal for them to try.

The Nutrients Can Be Harsh

Since beans are so full of nutrients and vitamins, they can actually be too harsh on your baby’s digestive system that is just learning how to break down food enzymes.

If you feed your baby beans too early, he/she is likely to experience tummy troubles like excessive gas or indigestion.

In order to keep their little tummy’s happy, it is better to wait until they are about 8 months old before giving your baby beans for the first time.

To confirm whether or not you should start feeding your baby beans, it’s always wise to talk to a pediatrician. Your baby’s doctor will be able to assist you with determining which beans are best for your baby and how to ensure you select beans that will be gentle on their stomach.

Benefits of Giving Your Baby Beans

As stated above, beans come with a multitude of nutritional benefits. They are full of vitamins and minerals that will help support your baby’s body as they grow quickly from a baby into a toddler. However, giving your baby beans a handful of other benefits that beans give to your baby as well aside from just amazing nutrients!

Beans Are a Great Appetite Controller

As your baby starts hitting those growth spurts and becoming more active, they will start to be hungrier more often and looking for snacks.

There are a few different types of beans (like chickpeas) that will actually help keep your baby fuller for longer and keep their hands out of the cookie jar. These beans are full of proteins and fibers so it gives them sustainable energy they can tap into as they play and it keeps you from starting them on a habit of over-feeding them.

Beans Help Your Baby’s Digestion

As stated above, many types of beans like kidney beans and chickpeas have a lot of fiber in them. Not only does this help keep them full for longer, but giving your baby beans can also help to regulate their digestive system to help ensure a healthy gut and to help keep them from getting constipated.

Beans Can Strengthen Baby’s Immune System

Beans are full of nutrients and vitamins that help to build a stronger immune system. Vitamin C can help boost your baby’s immune system. Making sure your baby has lots of these vitamins will help their little bodies be better equipped to fight off sicknesses.

Beans also help destroy the free radical germs that go into their bodies and make them sick. If your baby is around a lot of people, one way to keep them healthy during cold and flu season is by giving your baby beans.

Beans Help Your Baby Develop Better

Giving your baby beans means that you are making sure they are getting a lot of folate in their diet. Folate is a chemical found in beans that works to help their bodies create more red blood cells which, in turn, helps their vital organs start to develop and function better. Folate in beans also works to help a baby’s brain develop so they can continue learning and developing mentally.

Beans Help Get the Metabolism Kicking Again

You should consider giving your baby beans in order to help rev up their metabolism and keep it regulated.

There are so many things that we feed our kids that can cause their metabolism to get unregulated. Likewise, there are many free radicals in a baby’s body that are generated by their bodies. Giving your baby beans means you help their body neutralize the free radicals that could harm their body’s cells. They also help regulate a baby’s metabolism. You should

Overall, giving your baby beans can produce immense benefits when he/she is old enough to safely consume them. Beans provide many of the nutrients necessary for your baby to grow big and strong.

When the time is right, feeding your baby beans can be a staple of your child’s well-rounded diet.

Will feeding your baby beans impact his sleep schedule?

Absolutely! Feeding your baby beans can have an impact on his sleep schedule. But, unfortunately, many parents feed their baby beans without even considering that it may totally impact your baby for days to come.

Your baby’s diet will impact their sleep quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this specific baby sleep schedule on nights your baby consumes beans.

Can beans cause your baby to have nightmares?

Some parents believe that the ingredients in beans may cause your baby to have nightmares. You might be just as surprised as us to learn how much beans impacts your baby’s sleep. However, there are ways to check if the beans ingredients are impacting your baby’s sleep. Check out that link to learn about the powerful impact beans have on your baby’s sleep schedule.

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