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9 Tips If Your Friend’s Baby Is Not Cute

It can put you in a very difficult decision when your friend has a baby that you just don’t think is very cute. However, there are a few tips you can use to help you get through this difficult time. You need to be able to work through your thoughts on the topic, so you can continue to have a great friendship. The good news is that these nine tips can help you work through this and maintain the friendship you have worked hard to build.

Babies Change

The first idea to keep in mind is that babies change. Babies change quite a bit in the first few years of life. This means that how the baby looks right now is usually not how the baby will look forever. It is typical for a baby to grow into big ears or a large nose over time. Skin color evens out, and the shape of a baby’s face or eyes may change as well. With so many changes to come, you just might find that the baby gets cuter over time! If you like to take photos of your friend’s baby, you can document the baby’s changes each week in photos, so you can see the changes as they occur.

Find an Area of Focus

One tip to try is to find one area that you can focus on that you do like about your friend’s new baby. For example, babies have the tiniest and sweetest hands and feet. Look for features of the baby that you can admire and that you can praise. Your friend’s baby might have the prettiest hair color or eye color. Instead of focusing on what you believe is unattractive about the baby, spend more time focusing on the specific features of the baby that you find cute.

Make Baby Laugh

One characteristic that makes all babies cute is their ability to light up a room with a smile, a giggle, or a laugh. Spend time playing with your friend’s baby to make him laugh and smile. You might just find that your friend’s baby has the best little personality in the world. A great personality can make a baby even cuter than he already is. There are lots of activities to try to make the baby laugh, such as making funny noises or funny faces.

Add a Special Detail

You can always help your friend’s baby attain the ultimate level of cuteness by purchasing a few new items for the baby’s wardrobe. Some examples include buying a special headband for a baby girl or buying a cute jacket for a baby boy. The right outfit can improve a baby’s looks. There are so many adorable outfits and accessories that can be purchased for babies that you are sure to find the perfect pieces to purchase. Perhaps you will be able to focus on the cute aspects of the baby’s wardrobe or accessories to play up the natural beauty of the child.

Ignore Rashes and Acne

Many babies suffer from different types of skin rashes or even baby acne. These can be unsightly, but you have to remember that babies can’t help these skin problems. These rashes and cases of acne do tend to go away. Therefore, keep in mind that these are likely temporary issues that have to be resolved. In time, those problem areas will diminish, and the baby’s looks will change.

Try a Different Angle

When you are having a difficult time because you think your friend’s baby is not cute, you may just want to change the angle from which you are viewing the baby. For example, you may only see the baby when he is asleep in his crib or when his mother is holding him. Take the time to hold the baby and look at him from various angles. Just like most adults have one side of the accept that they prefer over the other, the same can be true for babies. There might be one angle that you prefer over other angles. If you like to take pictures of your friend’s child, you should use the same angle to take pictures as well.

Watch for Hair Growth

Many babies don’t have a lot of hair when they are firstborn. However, this quickly changes as babies start to grow and change. You will be surprised at how much of a change can be seen in a baby when hair starts to grow. While you may not find the baby’s appearance attractive right now, as more hair begins to grow, you might find that additional hair helps the baby’s appearance. You can watch for hair growth over time to see just how much the baby’s appearance changes in just a short time.

Keep Your Friend in Mind

You must keep your friend in mind when you think about how cute his or her child is. The baby’s parents likely think the baby is beautiful, even if you don’t. You do not want to ruin a friendship over this, so it may be best to keep your thoughts to yourself until you can find something attractive or cute about the new baby, which might happen over time. Be very careful not to hurt your friend’s feelings so that you can maintain the friendship.

Be Honest in a Positive Way

Additionally, you must be honest with your friend. You don’t have to say that you think the baby isn’t cute. Instead, be positive with your responses-comment on what you think is cute. You can comment on the baby’s health, weight, or even the baby’s hair color. The goal is to choose a specific characteristic or trait to comment on instead of commenting on the baby’s overall appearance. You can always praise a baby’s outfit, calm demeanor, or sweet smell. This allows you to compliment the baby without lying or hurting the parents’ feelings.

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