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11 Tips for Flying While Pregnant


Is Flying While Pregnant Safe?

Whether you are going for a mind-clearing babymoon, visiting family members across the world or attending a critical work trip, flying while pregnant requires careful consideration. It is not like other flying experiences that you have had.

Proper preparation will ease the stress and make the experience enjoyable for both short domestic trips and long haul flights. Here is everything you need to have a comfortable flight.

Flying During Pregnancy Tips:

1. Know When It’s Safe to Travel

Women with low-risk pregnancies can fly typically at any trimester but the second trimester is ideal.

By this time, the morning sickness that is prevalent in the first trimester is a thing of the past. As for the third trimester, the emotions have kicked in full, and you might not enjoy the flight. If you will be flying while pregnant, do it during the second trimester.

International travel is not advisable after the 28th week. The restrictions for flying while pregnant are stricter for women with multiple babies.

2. Check Air Carrier and Insurance Policies

Airlines do not usually allow travel after the 36th week. Talk to your carrier and inquire about their policies for pregnant travelers.

Ask if you require a note from your doctor confirming your due date. Before flying while pregnant, you will also need clearance from your health insurer.

What if something happens during the flight? Are you covered?

3. Consider Premiums

If you are flying while pregnant, you should consider snagging in some extra cash for incentives such as the aisle row.

Besides your normal bladder pressure, you need to take more water so that you can balance the dehydrating effects of flying. In short, you might make more trips to the powder room than you are used to.

Another considering is ticker insurance. You do not know when nausea will kick in, and you have to change your plans.

4. Departure Times Matter

When your baby is growing inside you, they tend to convince you to sleep a lot. Sometimes it feels like you cannot get enough of it.

That is why you should not make the mistake of booking an early morning flight when pregnant. If you do so, you might end up reducing your sleeping time, which means that you will be exhausted during the trip.

When flying while pregnant, take note of the departure time and work on having an uninterrupted sleep the previous night.

5. Run Your Flight Plans by Your Doctor

It is advisable to visit your gynecologist or family doctor to inform him or her about your traveling plans.

Ask for a referral to a doctor or hospital in your destination. Doing this gives you options of what to do in case of a mishap while you are away.

Your doctor can also advise you on the dos and don’ts of flying while pregnant. Ask the physician to give you site-specific insight.

For instance destinations with high altitudes or extreme heat might pose severe threats to your unborn baby.

6. Pack a Pregnancy Survival Kit

Ensure you have sufficient prenatal vitamins that will last you throughout the trip.

In case you are vulnerable to motion sickness, have some sea bands and medication to relieve traveler’s stomach.

If you are prone to pregnancy stiffness, having some nasal strips may help relieve the symptoms. Make sure that all the medicines you use when flying while pregnant are issued by your doctor.

7. Wear a Comfortable Outfit

Dress for an array of temperatures when flying while pregnant.

Considering that your body regulates itself differently during pregnancy, a clad with loose and flowing layers is a good choice. A maxi dress with a scarf and a long sweater is an ideal outfit.

Compression stockings are also crucial because they enhance blood circulation and prevent the formation of clots.

8. You Don’t Have to Go Through the X-Ray Screening

Unfortunately, many mothers do not know this tip when they are flying while pregnant.

Even though going through the scanners at the airport security is considered safe, you can request to have a body-pat instead. The amount of radiation from this machine is meager, but being extra cautious is not a bad thing either.

9. Ensure Maximum Comfort on the Plane

Planes are known for several things that often do not include relaxation. Increase your packing essentials to ensure that you have an enjoyable trip.

  • Prepare healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetables such as dried fruits, nuts, and hard-boiled eggs. Some foods are not allowed on flights, so make sure you confirm before bringing them.
  • Carry a refillable water bottle to the airport and make sure it is full before you board the plane.
  • Bring some lumbar and wedge pregnancy pillows.
  • Have an eye mask to hide the inevitable fatigue will help you maintain the glow.
  • Deny alcohol. Should you be drinking wine while pregnant?

10.Protect Yourself Against Germs and Nausea

Planes are quite dirty, and as an expectant mother, arming yourself against germs will pay off.

Pack a gentle hand sanitizer and wipes to serve as quick fixes for cleaning the pull-down trays and armrests. Flying while pregnant could also upset you.

Mint tea helps with nausea, and you can request the attendant to prepare some mint tea as long as you carry the mint tea bags. Essential oils like peppermint, ginger, lavender, and chamomile also work well.

11.Stretch Often and Do so Safely

Pregnant women are at a higher risk for developing blood clots, so, you should avoid sitting for an extended time. Make use of all opportunities to walk and stretch during the flight. At the very least, move around every two hours. Elevate your legs. As for the seat belt, buckle up under the abdomen.


Although taking all these precautions is essential when flying while pregnant, you should not forget to have fun. You will feel like the traveling pace is slower than usual, which is expected during pregnancy. Upon arrival, think about getting a massage to relieve the pressure and to appreciate your body for holding up.

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