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Can My Baby Eat Onions?

Onions are the favorite vegetable to many meals. The flavor of an onion always brings a mouthwatering to every meal. Is it right to give babies onion? It’s is the question that we probably find ourselves asking. Introducing onions to your baby is very important since it has some benefits that are essential to babies’ growth and development. It is mostly advisable that your child should be introduced to cooked onions when he or she is about eight months of age. The raw ones should be introduced to the baby when she is one year old.

The main reason for introducing the onion to the baby at an early age it is not because of allergy but rather because the onion contains a lot of gas. However, you should not get worried because of the gas issue because the onions have more benefits than gas. Some of the benefits are; they contain essential antioxidants, which are vital, especially to the children who have chronic inflammation and other health issues.

Selecting an onion for your baby:

When you are buying the best onion for your young one, select the firm one, and one which has dry not purchase the watery ones, bruised, or even discolored. Always keep it in mind, the smaller the onion, the stronger the flavor. In this case, you must choose the large onion when you are introducing them to your baby for the first time. For your onion to always stay fresh, especially when you are cooking for your baby, you must store them in a dry, cool, and dark place.

When you are shopping for the onions for your baby, it is essential to note that they come in three different colors. Which are red, yellow, and white, and each color of the onion will have a different taste on the food of the baby depending on how you will prepare them.

Yellow onions typically have a yellowish skin and creamy white flesh. This type of onion is very beneficial, especially to children who require a mild flavor. The yellow flavor gets typically sweeter as you continue to cook it.

Red onions have a purplish skin color. This onion should be given to children who like spicy and sweet food. The more you cook it, the more it comes sweeter.

White onions have white skin. The onion can either have a sharp taste, strong smell taste, or mild and sweet. In that case, you must taste the child food before giving it to her

Benefits of feeding your baby onions:

Most onions contain nutrients such as antioxidants, which are excellent when it comes to protecting your body from cancer or any severe health conditions. A stronger onion usually contains the highest percentage of antioxidants.

Onions are fully packed with polyphony although these nutrients are also found in other vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and red pepper they exist in large quantity in onions

There is the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in onions, and they help in lowering the symptoms in children who have been diagnosed with asthma. Apart from this, they are also packed with vitamin C, and it is essential when it comes to boosting the immune system of the baby. It also offers protection to any bacterial infection that may affect your child.

Onions are perfect for the heart of your child. If the child is suffering from having cholesterol, you may consider incorporating onions in her diet, giving your baby onion will help in the absorption of iron from other foods that you provide the baby.

How to prepare the onions for your baby:

Whenever you are preparing the onions for your child, it essential to keep it in mind that most nutrients are found on the outer layers of the onion. Do not be tempted to peel off a lot of layers many layers when you are preparing since when you do so, you will be losing a lot of nutrients together with the skin.

Whenever you cut your onion, you usually release certain gases that irritate your eyes. Below are ways in which you can reduce this irritation when you are cutting the onion for your baby:

You should first put the onion to the freezer for about 30 mins before you decide to cut it. When you slice your onion, make sure you cut with a very sharp knife since it minimizes the damaging of the cells; hence less gas is released to the not chop the root of the onion first as it will release more gas to the air. Some people may suggest that you cut your onion under running water. However, this is not advisable since you will be most likely to wash away nutrients that are very vital to the baby.

The easiest way to cook the onion for your baby is to saute them in very low heat. Use very little oil until it is tender and has turned golden brown. You can alternatively chop them into wages and roast them at around 45 to 50 minutes. Whether you choose to roast your onion or have them sauteed, we cannot hesitate to add them to our baby’s food.

Onions can as well make a way when added to the grains. You can try sauteing them in very low sodium then you can mix them with any grain such as rice or even barley.

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