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Do Babies Only See in Black and White?

You have your little one home from the hospital, and you are just getting to know them. You see them as they cry for your help, and as they look at up you, starting to realize who you are. But what all can your baby see, and how do they see it? Does your baby see their toys and blankets in color? Or is it all black and white? These are all normal things to wonder as you start your journey into parenthood. You would want to know how your baby sees to be a better parent to them as they begin to grow and develop.

1. Do Babies See Only In Black and White?

Newborn babies do, in fact, only see in black and white for the first few months of their lives. They are not going to be able to see in full color until about month four. Until then, they see only in black and white with shades of grey. This is something that has recently been found. Up until this time, it was thought that babies only saw in black and white, but we now know that they do develop seeing colors months into their lives. As their parent, you can help them in showing them different colors and shapes as they grow so that they can experience a wide range of different things. Part of your newborn learning and growing is the ability to be able to see and experience different shapes and colors.

2. What Do Babies See?

Until about six months of age, your baby is only going to have around five percent of the visual acuity of that of an adult. They are not going to be able to see as many objects and colors and lights as what you and I can see. Their eyesight, acuity, and the ability to see colors is something that your baby starts to get overtime. By the time that they are about nine months, then they will be able to tell the difference between different colors.

The course in which your baby develops their eyesight, their color recognition, and more take time slowly as they age from being a newborn to about one year of age. This is the time that you will be able to have fun with your baby, helping them to see different shapes, objects, colors, and more. At first, your little one is only going to be able to look just at you and your face, but over time they will grow and be able to see more and more things.

3. When Should You Worry?

Your baby is going to be growing and gaining their sight as they age. For the most part, you don’t have anything to be too concerned about; your child is going to come into their own with their vision as they age. But what should you look out for? This is a fair question because you do want to be able to recognize any issues with your child’s development and eyesight as soon as possible. The more quickly your notice that something is off, the quicker you and your doctor will be able to respond. Things that you should be aware of and report to your doctor if you notice any of them in your baby.

Pay attention if your child is locking gaze with you; even a newborn should be able to look with your eyes. Notice if your child’s eyes move together as they look around or look for unusual head tilt. Any of those could be reasons to check in with your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

4. Your Baby’s Eyesight After One Year

Once your baby is about 12-24 months old, they are going to start to develop their eye-hand coordination and depth perception. This is going to mean that as your baby starts to move around, they are going to be able to do things like reach for toys, know when they are going to run into something, and lots more. This is a time of exploring and fun.

Make sure you keep your child in a closed-off area so that you can help them as they start to explore. You want to give your little one lots of independence as they make these changes in their life, but you also want to keep them in a safe environment that you can control. The more you manage the environment, the more you can let them loose to have fun and develop their senses more.

5. When Will My Baby Have 20/20 Vision?

Your baby will start to develop a 20/20 vision around three years of age. This is going to be the time that your little one will begin to name colors and copy shapes. They are going to be able to grasp the world that they see around them. in just a few short years, they will be ready to start reading and will be reciting the alphabet. When they begin to have this great vision, they will begin to take in more of the world around them.

Babies are more limited to what they can say and do based on what they see. But once they around three years old, they are going to start to open up more to the world around them. They are no longer going to be focused just on you and what is right in front of them, but they will now be able to grasp more of the world and what is happening around them.

In conclusion, when your baby is just a newborn, they are going to have limited eyesight and the ability to see shapes and colors. This is why your baby will focus mainly on your eyes as you hold them or breastfeed them because it’s the most of what they can see. But as they start to grow, you are going to notice that they are going to be experiencing new things. They are going to be able to see more colors and further away and different objects. This makes it fun to play with your little one, showing them all different kinds of toys that are different shapes and sizes. Be there right along with your child as they develop these new things and have new experiences.

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