14 Tips To Establish a Bedtime Routine for Your Child

A pleasant bedtime routine children help in easing the transition from being awake to falling asleep. A good bedtime routine can help your child feel more comfortable and secure about what to expect when each day comes to an end. In order to create a bedtime routine for babies, you need to develop a predictable […]

Why Do Some Babies Cry While Sleeping?

Is Your Baby Crying While Sleeping? You’ve probably experienced this scenario many times as a new parent. Your baby has been asleep for an hour, maybe two, when suddenly she cried out in her sleep. Understandably, you may feel confused or concerned about why your baby is crying during sleep. However, most of the time, […]

Snoo Review: Too Good to Be True? Is It The Poo?

For this Snoo review, I spent 3 months (90 days!) using the Snoo Smart Sleeper from Happiest Baby in our household. Due to the massive popularity of this product, I decided to document my entire experience with this high-end bassinet that promises a restful sleep in your baby. So what the heck is a Snoo?! Imagine […]