How to Help a Constipated Baby

How to Help a Constipated Baby

How to Help a Constipated Baby This might seem like a pretty evident statement, but the truth is that adults sometimes don't think much of constipation when they're suffering from it. They work through it and then move on, or go out to the store and buy some medicine that will promote looser, easier bowel… Continue Reading »

How Often Do Newborns Eat?

newborn with blue eyes drinking bottle

How Often Do Newborns Eat? Newborn Needs A newborn baby is as helpless as helpless can be. During those first critical three months of life, you're the person who will clothe, feed, snuggle, and grow along with that child as they reach milestone after milestone in front of your very delighted face. New parents are… Continue Reading »

How Much Should a Newborn Sleep?

tired newborn wearing white sleeping on stomach with hands at side

How Much Should a Newborn Sleep? Is your newborn baby sleeping too much? One of the most common questions new parents ask is how much a newborn should sleep? This question is often asked alongside other common thoughts, such as "is my newborn eating enough?" The answer in the majority of cases is yes, but… Continue Reading »

How Long Do Babies Sleep?

how long do babies sleep

How long do babies sleep? They’re so beautiful when they’re sleeping. How long until they wake up?! There’s nothing that looks so at peace as a sleeping child. Their calm can inject a wonderful serenity into your day. Babies need a lot of sleep, especially in the early months. These sleep needs are going to… Continue Reading »

How Do Babies Get Thrush?

how do babies get thrush

How do babies get thrush? What Is Thrush? When babies get thrush, a parent's life becomes a mix of worry and long nights. If you're not familiar with this common infection, it's easy to misunderstand the symptoms when they first appear. First-time parents are especially prone to not knowing what the disease is, but even… Continue Reading »

Does My Baby Know His/Her Name?

does my baby know his name

When Do Babies Know Their Names? It's no secret that babies are not able to process the world in the same way that adults do. This isn't necessarily due to them being entirely clueless, though—babies are able to actually perceive some things in ways that adults can't. For example, being able to pay attention to… Continue Reading »

Can I Give My Baby Juice?

giving baby juice

Is it Okay to Give a Baby Juice? Juice is refreshing, easily available, and somewhat nutritious. In moderation, it's fine for most adults and children to drink. However, babies are different in their needs, and the question of "Can I give my baby juice?" is a common one. What's Recommended: Babies may start having juice… Continue Reading »

4 Important Baby Schedule Tips

baby schedule tips

Important Baby Schedule Tips Babies are one of the loveliest, cuddliest, and most adorable gifts of nature. As a parent, you want to ensure that your baby feels relaxed and secured in their new environment. Without a peaceful setting, both the baby and its parents will feel the heat that comes from nurturing a newborn.… Continue Reading »

Why Is My Baby Grunting During Sleep?

baby grunting during sleep

Is your baby grunting during sleep? There's nothing more precious than a newborn. Your little bundle of joy is perfection. You want to spend every waking moment with them and cannot get enough. You will notice many things that are cause for alarm, but they may have you questioning what's going on with your child.… Continue Reading »

Average Baby Weight: What to Know

average baby weight

Average Baby Weight: A Guide to Your Baby's Weight The average baby weight of most babies in the first year is between 5 pounds, 8 ounces and 8 pounds, 12 ounces. If your baby is under-weight or over-weight, you don’t need to worry as average baby weight also depends on factors such as genetics, gender,… Continue Reading »

Help! I Dropped My Baby!

parents dropping their baby on beach

"Help! I dropped my baby!" This is certainly one of the scariest situations you will ever encounter. An infant is delicate, and when you drop them, you fear that it could cause damage or even take their life. However, you should know that dropping a baby is something that will happen to all parents at… Continue Reading »

8 Common Baby Sleep Myths: Busted!

Baby Sleep Myths In those first few months of new parenthood, everything can seem like a blur of exhaustion. You may feel like you are doing everything wrong, and you are sure to get plenty of advice, both solicited and unsolicited. One subject that it seems everyone has an opinion on is sleep. Advice about… Continue Reading »