My Baby Isn’t Growing! What Can I Do?

My Baby Isn’t Growing! What Can I Do? Having a baby is an exhausting but exhilarating experience. After you have given birth to that tiny creature, your priorities immediately change. You are suddenly consumed with caring for your new baby. You want to see them healthy, growing, and thriving. It can be very concerning if […]

Drinking Wine While Pregnant: Let’s Wine About It

Is It Ever Ok to Drink Wine While Pregnant? A glass of wine keeps the doctors away. But wait, what if I’m pregnant? Or what if I’m breastfeeding? Can a glass of wine still have positive health effects for me and my baby? What are some of the risk factors when drinking while pregnant? If […]

What’s Really Happening with Your Baby Inside the Womb?

What does your baby do inside the womb? It’s natural for parents to talk to the growing baby inside the womb. Whether it’s a song, a story, or simply a series of curious questions, parents hope that this interaction with the soon-to-be-born child will aid in their development. Since babies never remember their time in […]