Ketosis and Pregnancy: Is the Keto Diet Safe for Expectant Mothers?

Keto Diet While Pregnant By now, you’ve probably heard about this new diet fad they call the ketogenic diet. And like all other diets, those who manage to stick around get the promise of weight loss, and with keto, they say it can happen quite quickly. The “quickly” part is what makes it appealing to […]

Can I Eat This While Pregnant? Important Foods to Avoid (or Consume)

Can I Eat This While Pregnant? When some moms get pregnant, they worry that they have to completely overhaul their diet. While it is important to eat healthier when pregnant, does that mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite foods? Even if you generally avoid unhealthy foods, during pregnancy, it is that much […]

My Baby Isn’t Growing! What Can I Do?

My Baby Isn’t Growing! What Can I Do? Having a baby is an exhausting but exhilarating experience. After you have given birth to that tiny creature, your priorities immediately change. You are suddenly consumed with caring for your new baby. You want to see them healthy, growing, and thriving. It can be very concerning if […]