Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Easy: Most Common Problems & Solutions

Congratulations mommy! You’ve given birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby girl or boy. If you’re anything like most moms-to-be, you spent the last past 9 months studying and researching all there is to know about bringing a baby into this world. Although much of the information and advice you received was helpful, nothing can truly […]

Drinking Wine While Pregnant: Let’s Wine About It

Is It Ever Ok to Drink Wine While Pregnant? A glass of wine keeps the doctors away. But wait, what if I’m pregnant? Or what if I’m breastfeeding? Can a glass of wine still have positive health effects for me and my baby? What are some of the risk factors when drinking while pregnant? If […]

How to Nourish Your Baby When They Refuse to Drink Milk

My Baby Won’t Drink Milk If your baby isn’t drinking enough milk, it can be upsetting. Just as upsetting as when your baby is still hungry after breastfeeding. You may even think you’ve done something wrong. Don’t worry. Babies not drinking enough milk is a common occurrence, and it can easily be fixed. Babies refuse milk […]

Help! My Baby Is Still Hungry After Breastfeeding!

Is your baby not full after breastfeeding? Then listen up! This is for you. You grab your infant and snuggle them close during feeding time. You believe the “breast is best,” and though it physically exhausts you at times, you are trying to provide the nourishment that only you can. Unfortunately, after you’ve drained your […]