When Do Babies Stop Breastfeeding?


When should I stop breastfeeding my baby? When is it the right time to stop breastfeeding your baby? What is the best way to do it? This is a puzzle for most parents, especially if you are a first-time mother. Even after you have established breastfeeding, how long do you continue? Three months? Six months?… Continue Reading »

When Do Babies Start Talking?

When will my baby start talking? Human speech is one of the fundamental things that sets us apart from everything else in the animal kingdom. The power of speech completely changes the way that human beings interact with each other and appreciate the world around them. Can you imagine a world where people didn't have… Continue Reading »

When Do Babies Start Laughing?

When Do Babies Start Laughing

When will my baby start laughing? Laughter is the spice of life for just about every human being. When people laugh, they enter an entirely different state of being. An adult laughing can sometimes even inspire another adult to start laughing as well. It's contagious. Nothing in the world, though, is as heartwarming and comforting… Continue Reading »

How to Stop Toddler from Biting

How to Stop Toddler from Biting

How to Stop Toddler from Biting The world of the toddler is a full-on wonderland for both parents and toddlers alike. They are freshly introduced to the world of language, walking, talking, and human relationships, and things can be a roller coaster ride for parents. It's a delicate mix of loving a toddler but not… Continue Reading »

How To Keep Toddler In Bed: 5 Ways

How To Keep Toddler In Bed

How To Keep Your Toddler In Bed Parents, we know you're sleep deprived----we've been there. One of the most exhausting things you can go through as a parent is the process of "sleep training", where you set your child up for success with some healthy bedtime routines that promote restful, through-the-night sleep (for everyone). When… Continue Reading »

How to Help a Baby Crawl

How to Help Baby Crawl

How to Help Your Baby Crawl Crawling is a much more intricate process than people realize. That future crawler of yours has a long road ahead to get to the stage where they're a fluent crawler. Crawling is one of the ways your baby is going to advance into the world of their future and… Continue Reading »

How to Get a Toddler to Eat

How to Get Toddler to Eat

How to Get Toddler to Eat If you're the parent of a new toddler, you may notice that their eating habits are a tad different from the adults in your life. Toddlers are those human beings in the 16 to 36 month age range, and things can get very difficult with them very quickly. Since… Continue Reading »

How Often Do Newborns Eat?

newborn with blue eyes drinking bottle

How Often Do Newborns Eat? Newborn Needs A newborn baby is as helpless as helpless can be. During those first critical three months of life, you're the person who will clothe, feed, snuggle, and grow along with that child as they reach milestone after milestone in front of your very delighted face. New parents are… Continue Reading »

How Much Should a Newborn Sleep?

tired newborn wearing white sleeping on stomach with hands at side

How Much Should a Newborn Sleep? Is your newborn baby sleeping too much? One of the most common questions new parents ask is how much a newborn should sleep? This question is often asked alongside other common thoughts, such as "is my newborn eating enough?" The answer in the majority of cases is yes, but… Continue Reading »

How Long Do Babies Sleep?

how long do babies sleep

How long do babies sleep? They’re so beautiful when they’re sleeping. How long until they wake up?! There’s nothing that looks so at peace as a sleeping child. Their calm can inject a wonderful serenity into your day. Babies need a lot of sleep, especially in the early months. These sleep needs are going to… Continue Reading »

Does My Baby Know His/Her Name?

does my baby know his name

When Do Babies Know Their Names? It's no secret that babies are not able to process the world in the same way that adults do. This isn't necessarily due to them being entirely clueless, though—babies are able to actually perceive some things in ways that adults can't. For example, being able to pay attention to… Continue Reading »

4 Important Baby Schedule Tips

baby schedule tips

Important Baby Schedule Tips Babies are one of the loveliest, cuddliest, and most adorable gifts of nature. As a parent, you want to ensure that your baby feels relaxed and secured in their new environment. Without a peaceful setting, both the baby and its parents will feel the heat that comes from nurturing a newborn.… Continue Reading »

Why Is My Baby Grunting During Sleep?

baby grunting during sleep

Is your baby grunting during sleep? There's nothing more precious than a newborn. Your little bundle of joy is perfection. You want to spend every waking moment with them and cannot get enough. You will notice many things that are cause for alarm, but they may have you questioning what's going on with your child.… Continue Reading »