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Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

There are so many hormone changes that happen during the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women’s bodies do amazing things as the hormones help their bodies transition into baby carrying and then baby feeding machines. But this swirl of hormones can throw off the entire system. So if you are breastfeeding your first child and looking to get pregnant with your second, then it could prove to be more difficult then you would assume. The swirling hormones of breastfeeding can make getting pregnant again much more difficult. But weaning a baby is difficult and not always possible. Here are a few facts about getting pregnant while breastfeeding.

Birth Control

Before modern technology arrived, we humans needed a form of birth control so that we didn’t destroy our bodies. Getting pregnant immediately after birth is possible but can be very difficult on our bodies. So the hormones that disrupt the ability to get pregnant while breastfeeding is our body’s way of naturally preventing ‘Irish twins.’ Although breastfeeding can be like a form of birth control and can help you not get pregnant again quickly, it should not be relied on.

The Factors

There are many factors relating to the breastfeedings impact on pregnancy. For example, if you are breastfeeding every two hours, then your hormones are much more likely to stop your cycle and the ability to get pregnant than when you are just breastfeeding at night. As your breastfeeding pregnancy reduces, you are much more likely to get your cycle back. Another factor is if you are strictly breastfeeding or pump and feeding. Mothers who pump are more likely to get their period back sooner. This will increase the chances of getting pregnant again. This, in turn, will make it more possible to get pregnant again.

Fertility Treatment

Some women struggle to get pregnant. In this case, modern technology has made available some options, such as IVF. Invitro fertilization is great, but for it to work, you have to inject yourself with hormones. This just adds a whole new level of hormone swirls. IVF is typically less effective if breastfeeding. It is recommended not to do IVF while breastfeeding. If you are looking to start trying to have a baby again via IVF, it may be worth it to switch your baby to formula or donated breast milk and take that extra load of hormones off of your body.


If you are using a formula to supplement breastfeeding, then you are more likely to get pregnant when breastfeeding. The amount of milk your body is being asked to produce makes a big difference in the effects it has on your body. So if you are supplementing, then your cycle may come back quicker, and ovulation may happen.

The Name

The lactational amenorrhea method is the fancy scientific name that means using breastfeeding as a form of birth control. This name comes from way back at the beginning of scientific birth control. It means that you are using the hormone influence of breastfeeding as birth control rather than some type of other medical or medication birth control. The name is just a fancy word to the overall theme that lactation can slow and even halt ovulation. This can be an effective and cheap way to avoid getting pregnant again. If you need birth control, the lactational amenorrhea method is risky and can not be as effective as other treatments. So be sure to use it only in conjunction with other forms of birth control. To read more on this check out online.

Other Methods

There are many other methods of birth control that can be utilized while breastfeeding that are safe. The most obvious methods are the non-hormonal methods such as condoms and pull out method.

There are also hormonal options such as the mini pill and the depo vera shot. Both of these options are safe for breastfeeding because they don’t have any influence on the milk. They have not been proven to reduce breast milk production, and they also are not transferred into the milk.

There are also surgical options, such as getting your tubes tied or a vasectomy for your partner. These options are the only options that are nearly 100 percent effective. The other options have a small margin of human error that can reduce their effectiveness.

Differences in Bodies

Just like anything else, there are many differences between women’s bodies. So although breastfeeding might be an effective form of birth control for one woman, it may not work for another. There are too many factors that come into play when hormones are involved. If you are not sure about how effective your breastfeeding birth control, then it is a good idea also to utilize another method to help avoid problems with getting pregnant again before you are ready. Along with that, every woman is different. Some women ovulate directly after birth when they are still bleeding from the birth. This is a very dangerous time to have unprotected sex because the chances of getting pregnant are high.


Although the method of using breastfeeding for birth control has proven to be effective, it is not 100 percent. It should not solely be relied on because you may run the risk of having early ovulation before you have a period. If you are not looking to get pregnant, then it is always safest to use some type of scientific birth control to avoid pregnancy and avoid the risk of getting pregnant too quickly. Irish twins are a thing that can happen if you have two children within one year. If you aren’t looking to be a mom of Irish twins, then consider not using the lactational method.

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