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11 Benefits of Giving Your Baby Tea

1. Lowers Anxiety

Toddlers are most often prone to anxiety because their understanding and reasoning are not fully developed. Academic pressures and cutthroat competition are most likely to cause tension in your baby. Giving your baby a cup of tea twice a day is essential to helping him lower stress levels and relax. Anxiety will make your baby grow in fear; hence giving him a cup of tea makes him feel relaxed. Give your toddler chamomile and oat straw tea to help him fight anxiety. You must consult a nutritionist before introducing a particular type of tea to your toddler.

2. Relieves Fever

Giving your toddler tea will help cope with fever. When your baby is complaining of fever, do not panic, give him a cup of tea. However, for effective relief of fever, add a slice of ginger alongside three cardamom pods to your baby’s tea; through this, your baby will get relieved of illness quickly. Some other recommendable teas when your baby has fever include lemon tea and peppermint.

3. Treats Constipation

Children are subject to constipation if your baby constipates give him a hot cup of tea. The warm cup of tea will help your baby to have a normal bowel movement and make him relax. Such a condition is best treated by flaxseed tea.

4. Helps in Inflammation

If your baby is suffering from inflammation, give him ginger tea because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential in helping digestion. It is further crucial in relieving nausea and other motion-related sicknesses.

Additionally, ginger tea is essential in helping your baby to have proper circulation and congestion. It has a spicy flavor; thereby, your baby will enjoy having it. However, ginger is suitable for toddlers, but excessive use may cause heartburn. The implication, in this case, is that do not give your child a lot of ginger tea. Give him one cup a day through this. You reduce the risks of your baby getting heartburn.

5. General Health Improvement

Giving your baby tea helps him to grow strong and healthy. Research indicates that tea is essential for your toddler as it breaks down the plaque that builds up in blood vessels. Giving your baby warm green tea reduces the levels of cholesterol hence improving heart health. If you do not provide your baby tea, the buildup plaque in his blood vessels increases blood pressure resulting in various health complications. Therefore, it is vital to give your children two cups of warm green tea daily for a healthy life.

6. Curing Cough

Serving your toddler with tea will help reduce the signs and symptoms of common cold and cough. However, when serving your kid with tea to reduce the signs of cough, ensure that you know the nature of the cough. This is because other types of tea can alleviate the symptoms. Moreover, giving your baby tea will help him get relief from chronic headaches.

As a parent, you can give your baby peppermint tea, as it is essential in fighting a mild cough. It has a soothing property because it contains methanol, which is vital in curing persistent coughing.

Further, peppermint tea will help your baby to have a restful sleep.

7. Nausea

If your baby has nausea, give him half cup of ginger tea twice a day. When your baby is experiencing nausea resulting from stomach upset, a lot of vomiting, and other digestive issues, give him a cup of ginger tea to overcome the condition. You need to take action immediately; you notice the baby has nausea. Leaving your toddler with symptoms of nausea for long subjects him to severe dehydration, which may result in other complications to his health. Ensure that you give your baby ginger tea to keep his body hydrated.

8. Colic

At times your toddler experiences pain in the abdomen. As a parent, you need to give him small amounts of peppermint, chamomile, or ginger tea as it is essential in helping him recover from the condition. Before taking your baby to the hospital because of the abdominal pain, give him a cup of chamomile tea. Other health facilities advise breastfeeding mothers to take the warm team to help their babies recover from colic through breast milk.

9. Essential for Sleep

Your baby might be experiencing difficulties when sleeping, or it is hard for him to sleep. Worry not, this condition can be cured using lemon balm. Lemon balm tea is essential in reducing issues related to sleep and anxiety. It also has antiviral properties; therefore, making it suitable for your baby during cough and cold season.

Researchers state that lemon balm helps babies with trouble in sleeping and restlessness. The tea acts as an herb, and it is useful and can be tolerated by young toddlers.

10. Digestive Support

Giving your toddler fennel tea is vital. Fennel is essential to offering digestive support, including spasms, stomach cramps, and stomach gas. The tea has a sweet taste; therefore, your baby will love it.

Fennel tea is also essential to kids with decreased appetites as it will help them gain an appetite. It is further helpful to kids suffering from vomiting and nausea. When your baby conditions like vomiting and nausea give him small sips of fennel tea for some time, through this, the conditions will be treated.

11. Eases Stomach Discomfort

Chamomile tea is essential for your baby. The tea helps to support digestion, give it your baby before meals thrice a day. Chamomile tea stimulates the process of digestion. Your baby could be having stomach discomfort arising from eating a lot of sweets, and chamomile tea is the solution to such stomach upsets. Chamomile tea is also essential in the relaxation of the nervous system as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The tea is vital in calming children with anxiety and stress. If your baby seems to have fear, give him a cup chamomile tea one hour before bedtime. Through this, you will help him to relax as he prepares to sleep. Chamomile also reduces bedwetting in children.

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