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Can I Give My Baby Raw Milk?

Breast milk is the primary milk for your baby. As a mother, you will always come about various ideas as to how long you have to keep breastfeeding your baby. Advice from most pediatricians always vouches for six months of exclusive breastfeeding.

However, don’t stop breastfeeding the child because six months are over. Your child needs to keep breastfeeding more often until they are at least one year. Also, after completion of six months, you can introduce your baby to solid foods since his or her body will begin wanting more. After one year, you will realize supplementing breast milk with other foods become more often. The question which therefore arises is whether raw milk can also be part of the supplements which you get to introduce to your baby.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know about giving your baby raw milk.

What qualifies as raw milk?

Simply put, raw milk is milk which has come straight from an animal, and here we are referring to a cow, goat, camel, and many more. When the milk is being taken in the raw form, you will be taking milk, which is not pasteurized.

The wide view which most people hold when talking about raw milk is the disadvantages because the milk has not been taken through high temperatures to kill bacteria and germs. While some people support giving babies raw milk because of their nutritional value, others completely don’t agree with the same.

The best advisor on the subject of raw milk and babies would be a pediatrician. However, there is also common knowledge on the subject of raw milk being given to babies, which you need to be aware of.

Benefits of giving your baby raw milk

Giving raw milk to your baby comes with some nutritional benefits. Most people who are pro-raw milk back their argument by saying, raw milk helps in digestive issues. Most babies, when at a tender age, get to deal with digestive issues often. Therefore giving your baby raw milk will get to protect your baby against such issues.

Also, raw milk helps in building immunity. Babies have very fragile immunity, which raw milk can help stabilize even as they grow. Also, in the event your baby is allergic, raw milk can be the solution that you have always can help bring the allergies to a stop.

How to give raw milk to your baby

If, as a mother, you are unable to provide sufficient milk, the next alternative will be to give your baby formula. The formula can be bought from the shops or made at home. There are many ingredients in which formula is made from, and raw milk is one of them.

Always know what type of milk to use. Even goat meat is advisable. Always be aware of the advantages, though, since you will get to be sure you are feeding your child with a formula that has all the requisite ingredients.

If you are having difficulty breastfeeding your baby because you don’t have enough breast milk, then you can use the services of a nutritionist to help you make a homemade baby formula that has all the requisite nutritional value for your baby.

The cons of giving raw milk to your baby

As much as raw milk has some benefits, we have some parents who are so much against giving raw milk to their babies. Milk, which has not gone through the pasteurization process, comes with some negative impacts on the human body. These impacts could be adverse when a baby is in the picture because babies have very weak immunity. Raw milk is known to be having bacteria of all sorts, which can cause many diseases. Bacteria like salmonella are very harmful, and in the event your baby comes into contact with the same through raw milk, the complications which may arise can even be fatal.

Which milk is good for your baby?

The type of food a cow eats determines the quality of milk, which will be produced. If a cow eats lots of foods that have gone through processing, the milk will also have lots of chemicals. Therefore if your baby uses milk from such a cow, they will equally suffer because of the chemicals passed on to them through the milk.

Sometimes the best step you can take is to do your research to establish a milk seller whose cows are feed on natural foods. Most parents will view such an exercise as tiring, but at the end of the day, you will be saving your child from so many foreseen issues.

Various milk sellers are known for selling the best quality of milk, which fits baby consumption. Your friends who have babies or even neighbors can make good referees in such scenarios. All you need to do is ask, and you will get all the guidance you deserve.

The role of pediatric nutritionists in what your baby consumes

As a parent, you can always use some information on what is best for your baby. Most people choose to feed their babies with any food they deem right blindly. Babies, unlike adults, can’t just feed on random meals. At their tender age, they pose a risk to many health issues.

Therefore as the parent, you need to be vigilant on every meal which your baby consumes. While research can help you know what to feed your child, the best step you can ever make is to talk to a pediatric nutritionist. You can choose to assign one at the birth of your baby or introduce one to your baby’s life as time goes by. These professionals will come in handy at every step of the way, including advising you on whether raw milk is good to your baby or not.

Hiring one is money spent right wherein you know there is someone you can call whenever you have to introduce your baby to a certain type of meal. Also, their services will help you as a parent know the right foods to eat to stay strong for your baby and probably produce enough milk hence avoiding the use of supplementary foods.

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