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Can I Give My Baby Prune Juice?

As we all fully understand, constipation is common. You will find that even your baby can become constipated. It is not all that common in babies, however. In infants, constipation does not usually happen until the baby has started eating solid foods. Just as it is for older kids and adults, constipation is easy to determine. Your baby may expel small, hard pellet looking feces. Your baby may strain to have a bowel movement and appear to be arching his or her back during the episode. Arching the back is not always a tell-tale sign of constipation, though. Because infants have weaker abdominal strength or muscles, it may appear as though your baby is straining. After your baby has finished, check the stool, it may still be soft.


Ensuring that your baby is drinking plenty of fluids, not just breastmilk or formula, is imperative for a healthy bowel movement. It is the same in all people; you must drink a certain amount of water and juices daily to keep your body functioning the way it is meant to. In combination with your baby’s normal feedings, giving them juice or small amounts of water ensures that all keeps flowing properly.

Gotta Have Fiber

Babies, just like all others, need fiber in their system. Once a baby begins to eat solids, include pureed vegetables that have good amounts of fiber, such as peas. Pureed prunes can also be given to your baby.

Hey Doc

If you are ever in any doubt about what to do to help your baby, what to feed your baby, or simply to know what is wrong with your baby, call your physician. Speaking with the doctor will always prove to be helpful. The doctor will be able to recommend what amount is safe to give to a baby. Oh, trust me on this, even if your baby likes prune puree, stick with just small amounts until you know the results.

Cereal Business

Yes, most babies eat cereal for breakfast; some have it for each meal. This is a good time to practice variety with your infant. Do not only feed your baby rice cereal; there is not enough fiber in it to matter when it comes to bowel movements. Try wheat or multigrain cereals; you can even add a serving of prunes into the cereal. Many babies may not like the taste of straight prunes, so mixing them with cereal or other baby food may help.

The Struggle To Let It All Out

No one enjoys being constipated; you know how uncomfortable you feel during that time; imagine how your baby feels. That feeling of fullness, the discomfort, and all the rest is harsh on an infant. Prune juice will assist the baby has a complete bowel movement. Again, start slowly with the prune juice and give it time to work before feeding your baby another full serving of prunes or prune juice.

Safe And Natural

Many parents rush to give the baby a laxative or stimulant to relieve constipation. Prunes and prune juice are filled with nutrients that are healthy and helpful. Iron and potassium is just the beginning of the nutritional value of prunes. Prunes and prune juice have been known as a natural constipation remedy for ages. Prune juice is reliable and much more effective than giving over the counter laxatives or stimulants.

The Amount Makes A Difference

Take it as a warning; do not give your baby straight prune juice as an infant. The best way to judge the amount is to look at your baby’s age. In 24 hours, only give up to one ounce of juice per month of age. For instance, one tablespoon of prune juice mixed with 2 to 3 ounces of water in a day should be enough to clean the baby out. Always remember to dilute the prune juice with water until the baby is six months old or older.

Time To Carry On

Prune juice is not a miracle. Your baby will not have results immediately. It may take a few hours or more. You should see results within 12 to 24 hours for sure. You can give another serving the next day as needed, but only one serving a day or you will increase your workload tremendously. If you have not seen results in the first 24 hours, speak with the pediatrician again. They will advise you what to do next.

How Well Do You Know

There can be many factors about your baby and constipation. For example, a breastfed baby may not poop as often as a bottle-fed baby. Some infants may go a few days between bowel movements, and others may have a movement once a day. Never just assume a baby is constipated, know your baby’s routine.

Doctor’s Orders

Many pediatricians prefer that infants do not receive any juice until one year of age. Speaking with the doctor can give you insight as to what is good for the baby, and what should wait longer. This is the best advice to go by when this is your first baby. Lots of people can give you their opinion and tell you what they have done. Not all babies are the same. Each baby is unique unto itself. Always speak with your pediatrician before taking the advice of anyone else.

Other Benefits

There is more to prune juice than just natural laxative qualities. Prune juice can also help with high blood pressure, fever, diabetes, and digestion. Since the prune is simply a dried plum, it is a fruit that is good to eat. Prunes can help control blood sugar. They have a low glycemic index, which can increase blood sugar at a slow rate. These simply dried plums can help promote bone strength with all the natural compounds found in them. Be sure to maintain control of the amount of prune juice given to your baby. Their needs are completely different than adults; the effects of prunes will be greatly different between you and your baby.

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