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5 Reasons to Feed Your Baby Pickles

1. Size

Pickles can be easily sliced to fit directly into the mesh feeder for your baby. This makes them ideal for a quick way to help with some teething pain. Pickles can also be given in little bites as a snack for older babies. Just be certain that your child (and yourself) are enjoying low-sodium pickles. Also, moderation is key. These are a snack that is ok to have once or twice a month but should not be enjoyed every day. All snacks should be enjoyed in moderation.

2. Texture

The texture of pickles is absolutely a perfect medium when considering bananas and frozen fruit. The bananas and yogurt are squishy and quickly enjoyed while the frozen fruits and carrots take much longer. The pickle is right in the middle and will provide the perfect amount of chewing time for your baby.

3. Flavor Variety

Just because your baby does not like a sweet small pickle does not mean he or she will dislike a cold kosher. There are over a dozen varieties in grocery stores on the shelves and the refrigerated section. This variety gives you a great opportunity to see if there is a type that your baby likes. If your baby dislikes bananas then you simply cannot give more since there are not other flavor options.

Pickles have quite a few options so you may find one your baby enjoys.

4. Low Sodium Varieties

Sodium is not healthy for babies. It is important to watch the amount a baby is in-taking because it can cause damage to their digestive system. The good news is that pickles come in low-sodium varieties. Better yet, you can get pickle style cucumbers directly from the produce section and make your own pickles at home without salt. This gives you a healthy alternative to a low-sodium snack that will also help with teething pain.

5. Convenience

Jarred pickles that contain low-sodium have a quite long shelf life. You may even currently have a jar hiding in your cabinet that is still good for at least another year. Simply pick up a jar next time you are at the grocery store and put it in your pantry or kitchen pantry. When your little one is teething and needs to alleviate some pain just reach for that jar.

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