Can I Give My Baby Nyquil?

NyQuil is probably one of the most popular cold and flu drugs out in the market. Thousands upon thousands of people get sick every year, and it usually falls around the time between the fall and winter.

It’s safe to say that taking NyQuil is perfectly fine for adults, but what about giving NyQuil to your baby?

The ingredients

There are three active ingredients in NyQuil. Those three active ingredients include Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan HBr, and Doxylamine succinate.

Acetaminophen acts as a pain reliever, Dextromethorphan HBr is a cough suppressant, and Doxylamine succinate is an antihistamine.

Histamine is what causes symptoms such as sneezing, itching, runny nose, and watery eyes. The three ingredients work beautifully together to take care of flu symptoms such as headaches, cough, sore throat, fever, running nose, and many other aches and pains.

Now because adults actively use NyQuil when sick, there haven’t been any reports of the drug having any negative effects on the body. The only way NyQuil could harm you is if you are misusing it frequently.

And it’s safe to say that adults take NyQuil when they notice any flu-like symptoms affecting their body just like the ones listed above. There are reasons why babies are not given adult drugs, and part of the reason is the high percentage in dosage.

But dosage is not the only reason. Many drugs that are only suitable for adults contain ingredients that can be harmful to babies.

Why giving your baby Nyquil is a big mistake

Doctors say that you should never give your baby NyQuil for cold symptoms, no matter how bad the cold may seem. The best thing to do in a situation like that is to call your doctor immediately and book an appointment.

Because then, the doctor can decide what’s best for your baby and what medications you need to take into consideration. Your baby’s health is very important. And you want to make sure your baby is getting the proper care it needs to get better.

Also, there are reasons why you shouldn’t give your baby NyQuil. First, the baby’s metabolism is not as strong as an adult’s metabolism. With that being said, it’s clear to say that baby can’t benefit from the drug the way you can.

Secondly, parents are not equipped to determine the right dosage they should be giving their babies.

And lastly, NyQuil contains alcohol. Alcohol being a factor is self-explanatory. Children, let alone infants, are not suitable for consuming alcohol.

Is it safe to take Nyquil while breastfeeding?

The best decision you can make before you take any form of action is to contact your doctor. That way, the doctor can decide what the best alternative for you is.

Whether that’s taking another form of cold medicine or taking something else entirely, that’s a lot safer than NyQuil.

Now, generally speaking, it’s most likely harmless if you were to take NyQuil after your baby’s last feeding for the day because that will ensure that the NyQuil leaves your system by the next morning, right in time for your baby’s next meal.

The side effects

Misusing the drug can have severe side effects. But even when using the drug responsibly, it can still have serious side effects.

Listed below are some common side effects:

  • Severe headache, seizure
  • Fast pounding and uneven heartbeats
  • Tremor, restless muscle movements
  • Little to no urination
  • Flu symptoms, pale skin, weakness, feeling light-headed.
  • Hallucinations, drowsiness, slow or shallow breathing

Is Nyquil safe for children?

NyQuil is suitable for younger children. But NyQuil suited for adults should not be given to babies. It’s a tough time when your baby gets a cold or worse, the flu. The last thing you want to see is your baby suffering.

When you are a mother, it’s common for that motherly instinct to manifest. All you want to do is protect your baby at all costs. But giving your baby NyQuil without consulting your doctor first is a step in the wrong direction.

You should always consult your doctor first before making any drastic decisions about your baby’s health. Even if you have NyQuil for Children in your house, it is still advised for you to contact your baby’s doctor just in case then find out what your next approach should be.

Because you always have to keep in mind that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Giving NyQuil to your infant is neither safe nor recommended.

Many people may be misinformed, but even some medicines strictly used for children have not been recommended because of the potential dangers.

What may be good for you does not necessarily mean it is good for your baby. Treating your baby’s cold or flu-like symptoms, the responsible way is always the best way. And constantly remind yourself that your baby’s doctor and your doctor is just a call away.

Even when it comes to breastfeeding, you have to be extremely careful. If you decide to take NyQuil while breastfeeding, always keep a note of when you take your dosage.

Because if your schedule overlaps with your baby’s feeding schedule, then that could potentially be a problem. And it’s always good to do your research.

Sometimes doing your research can give you a better insight into the matter. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is always a good thing.

There’s no harm in it, and instead of stressing yourself out for answers, you can easily obtain them with no more than a few questions. Lastly, follow your motherly instincts.

Always follow your motherly instincts because they are there for a reason. You are one of the very few people in this world that knows what’s best for your baby. There is no harm in following your instincts and executing them.