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Can I Give My Baby My Maiden Name?

Yes, you can give your baby your maiden name.

Your baby’s last name is not considered a legal matter, and therefore parents or the parent can give their baby their preferred last name, which in this case is your maiden name.

The last names are identifiers. They identify to whom we come from and are very important to a lot of people, especially when they stop and think about it. Last names create our connections and link us. It is, therefore, very important to have an honest, safe conversation if you have a partner about giving your baby your maiden name.

Matronymic societies

This is the practice of giving children their mother’s name or grandmother or any other female ancestor name.

There are cultures where children are given their mother’s name, especially if their mother is of high standing if their father died before the child was born, if the mother adopted the child as a single parent, or as is usually the case with unwed mothers.

It is important to note that Jesus, who is one of the most widely known people in the world, is called Jesus, son of Mary. He is addressed using a matronymic surname. The Queen of England’s children all have her maiden name for the last name, which is Windsor.

Patronymic societies

The practice of giving children their father’s last name came from societies that practiced patronymic. These societies were organized along the father’s line, which meant that the father and his family were fully responsible for the children’s wellbeing throughout their lives.

The organization wasn’t meant to disadvantage the mother in any way. It was meant to ensure that the father took an active role in caring for his children as much as the mother obviously would, seeing that she birthed the child.

Children were therefore given their father’s last name to identify them as the daughters and sons of their father.

Last names are not a legal issue.

There are no laws that state that a child can only have their father’s last name. You can give your child your maiden name or whatever name you see fit as their last name.

There are a lot of children who carry their mother’s maiden name. Some couples adopt their wife’s last name when they marry.

The names you take on are not legally binding. They just need to identify who you are on your identifying documents correctly.

Maiden names for children’s last name

Maiden names are common for children to carry in Latin America and Spain. In these cultures, children carry their mother’s last name as the second last name or “apellido.”

A Lot of women who adopt a child or have a child through a donor give their baby their last name. Oscar-winner Charlize Theron has two lovely children who carry her last name. The same is true for Sandra Bullock.

Carrying on their father’s last name

In most families, children are given their father’s last name because it is how it’s been done. It also reduces confusion for the child at school or different places where you might need to present ID to show your partner’s relationship with your child.

If you and your partner use your partner’s last name and give your child your maiden name, this could cause a lot of confusion and frustration when you have to prove your relationship. It would mean constantly carrying a copy of the baby’s birth certificate to prove you are your baby’s parents.

The Maiden name might need explaining.

Only because it is uncommon, you may find yourself having to explain that your child carries your last name and not their father’s last name to your child’s teachers and anyone who they might interact with your child, so that your husband can pick them up from school or any other places.

This is only because most people are accustomed to children having their father’s last name and not their mother’s maiden name. It can still be done. There is nothing wrong with it.

Names are very important.

It is important to talk to your partner and have an honest conversation about their feelings regarding the child you sharing carrying your maiden name.

Names are identifying and are used to secure bonds and family ties. Since you carry your child to term and give birth to them, you have a secure attachment to them. Your partner might feel as if having your baby carry their last name is their way of being included and becoming a part of that special relationship you all share. You may find that it allows them to feel that they are a part of the family, too, and are connected to the baby you share.

It is important to have an honest conversation with your partner if they are a part of your life and consider their feelings.

Last names are important because they show connections.

If your partner is a part of your life, it is important to have this conversation with them in an honest and safe environment.

Names are very important and identify your child and who they are connected to. You are already connected to your baby by birth. A mother’s connection to their child is rarely questioned. Still, a father’s connection can be questioned and having your child carry your maiden name connects your child to your father, not their father.

It is important to understand how your partner feels about this and consider their feelings so as not to breed animosity later down the line. It may seem like a small thing, but your baby is their baby too and not your father’s child as it would seem or a child without a father in some cases, only because children who carried their mother’s last name were often children whose father’s weren’t a part of their lives and are still seen that way in some cases.

It is, therefore, very important to talk to your partner and understand how they feel about this arrangement.

Names have meaning. In some cultures, it is understood that a name is a living thing that your baby will embody and become, so extra care is taken when naming your baby so that they have the best possible circumstances in life. It is not illegal to give your baby your maiden name, but it is very important to understand how this shapes your family dynamic, especially since it’s your partner’s only link to the baby you share.

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