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Can I Give My Baby Miralax?

When you have stomach problems, they can be from one extreme to another. Literally, from treating diarrhea to constipation, stomach problems are, well problems.

As an adult, you automatically know to start gulping the ‘pink stuff’ or, well, you know the other problem solver. Either way, you can manage to self treat these conditions.

But now you are a parent. And there are certain issues, stomach issues, in which you are a bit puzzled over—puzzled as to the treatment for your baby. You know how to treat yourself, but the new little person in the house requires a different approach. Or does he?

If it works for me…you begin to wonder. If these products for stomach ailments work for me, how about the baby? Slow down, my bold parent. We need to take a moment and decide what, how, and when before you begin stopping or starting these ailments.

As with anything you are about to do to, or with your baby, think. Think about consulting their doctor. And think about doing a bit of research.

Or simply take some advice. Read up on it, right here. Today as we write another chapter of, “Can I Give My Baby________,” let’s fill in the blank. Can I give my baby Miralax?

What is Miralax?

Miralax is very effective over the counter laxative. Miralax is the brand name for polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG 3350). It belongs to a group of osmotic laxatives that help to absorb additional water into the colon. The additional water, in turn, softens the stool and creates more volume, therefore, giving a more sudden urge to defecate.

The Miralax compound is one without any added electrolytes. Any laxative which adds electrolytes runs a risk of causing electrolyte imbalance. Electrolyte imbalance is a contributing factor to dehydration when stomach issues are concerned. Miralax prevents such dehydration and is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It also requires very little to be effective.

Polyethylene glycol is not a naturally occurring substance. It is chemically-derived, but it is sugar-free, gluten-free, and contains no preservatives. Miralax is highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists alike.

Is Miralax Safe For Infants?

There are several conflicting points of view regarding the use of Miralax in Children. Below the age of 16. While most of these are not specifically directed at being ‘the’ definite policy regarding the use, they do not say not to, either.

However, it is widely known the use of Miralax is not… Explicitly expressed or implied as being the proper treatment for any child under 16. While there have been little studied about how Miralax affects children under 16, there is little to no information about children in general. Particularly those under six years of age. And absolutely no information on giving Miralax to Infants or toddlers.

The best products for infants and toddlers for laxative purposes are those prescribed by the child’s doctor. Perhaps the best advice ever for any infant related issue. Stomach or otherwise.

When a Doctor Might Prescribe the Use of Miralax

Suppose for a moment you have discovered the fact your baby is indeed constipated. And you consult your baby’s doctor. The doctor has offered some ways to provide prompt relief for the baby, but nothing has worked.

When the child’s doctor properly diagnoses the severity of the problem, he may have you administer Miralax. Miralax is both very effective and very strong. It was designed with adults in mind. Surely the doctor knows it. But we have a severe case here with your baby.

If the doctor has prescribed Miralax, it has probably been determined your baby’s bowels need to be washed. The age-appropriate dosage and frequency can do the job. Just make sure the Miralax is dissolved in the liquid (usually water) the baby is about to take. Then you should pay close attention to the child for the duration of the process. Very soon, you will see results. The process will be complete when the stool is free of any solid pieces.

Easy there, parent…you can do it!

Other Constipation Remedies

Should your baby be constipated, there are several ideas you can try not involving the use of Miralax. They are:

  • Lots of all-natural fruit juices, prune is suggested
  • Foods extremely high in fiber
  • A nice lukewarm bath

If the child in question happens to be a toddler, age 10 to 18 months, try these suggestions:

  • Small bits of raw vegetables and fruit
  • Also, fiber-rich foods
  • Possibly the use of glycerin suppositories, or rectal enema

Foods rich in fiber, as well as the bits of raw veggies and fruit, will increase the amount of roughage in the child’s intestinal tract and promote proper bowel habits.

Constipation in Babies

There will be obvious reasons your baby is constipated. They will be easier to identify before the toddler age since they haven’t started potty training yet. Once potty training ensues, different story.

Your child may be ‘potty shy’ and simply refuse to sit and poop. They are afraid of the potty or afraid it will hurt. It will cause them to hold their poop, and it will also lead to severe constipation. If your child isn’t getting enough fiber or proper liquids, the stools will become hard and hurt when trying to pass them.

Children who eat a lot of processed foods and not enough fiber-rich natural foods have a harder time producing bowel movements. And a child who doesn’t consume enough water will also suffer the same condition.

Be proactive in their dietary habits, and it will lead to better ‘potty’ habits.


So Miralax is not the ideal laxative for a baby. There are far better choices where your baby is concerned. Take some time, do some research, read some articles, be informed. You’ll get results!

And load them up on lots of love and affection.

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