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Can I Give My Baby Grapes?

There are a couple of things that must be gone over before determining if it safe for your baby to have grapes. The factors that we will be looking at today is how old the baby is, how many solid foods they have eaten, how to prepare the grapes for the baby, and finally the pros and cons of grapes for babies. Now do keep in mind that babies achieve milestones and points at different times and in their own way. So, what may work for one baby may not work for another and that is ok. Nobody must reach a certain point with their child at a certain time.

The first aspect that we are looking at is how old the baby is. There are certain things that are not recommended for children under certain ages as they may not be able to digest or swallow it properly. Most recommendations state that it is best to wait until the baby is at least 8 to 10 months. you should never give a child that is under the age of 5 years old whole grapes always give them in small pieces. The other thing to pay attention to is whether your baby is receptive to the grapes. If they are, then go ahead with a couple at a time and always watch them when they are eating them. If they are not that just may mean they are not ready for that type of food because it could be too big of a change from what they are used to.

Best way to prepare grapes for your baby.

The best way to give your baby grapes to put them with other food that they like to eat. In my personal experience making fruit, bowls are one of the best ways to go as it is a very healthy snack. Never give your baby whole grapes because they are far too large, and a baby’s tiny mouth is not made to handle them yet. The best way to do it is to cut them up into small bite-size pieces and feed it to them that way. Always watch them when they are eating to make sure they are not shoving handfuls in their mouths and risking choking on them. A good way to introduce them in meals is to pair them with other things like vegetables, chicken if your baby is old enough for that, and other mealtime foods that you would normally feed them.

Benefits of feeding your baby grapes:

There are a lot of pros to giving your baby grapes, I am going to list a few and explain why they are pros.


They are very good for the health of your baby. They have a lot of vitamins and other things. They have protein, fiber, calcium, and iron. All these which baby needs to keep healthy.

Nervous system

They help to strengthen your baby’s nervous system to help prevent damage and aid in the growth and health of the brain. Hence the term brain-food.

Natural Laxative

They are a great thing to give to a baby that is having constipation problems as they can help to loosen their stool.


With babies being more susceptible to things like colds, asthma, and other things. Grapes are good to give them when they are dealing with stuff like that.

Dangers of feeding your baby grapes:

It is hard to find cons on grapes because they have so many more benefits than they do have negatives. So, this is going to be a shortlist, but it will have a couple to keep in mind when thinking about giving your child grapes for the first time.

Choking Hazard

Grapes are very known for being easily choked on by children especially babies so it is not something just to give a child by the handful as they can easily eat them too quickly.


You must be very careful to make sure that they do not have seeds in them that the baby can get into their mouth. Not just for choking hazard but they can also break their fragile teeth very easily.

In conclusion yes you can give your baby grapes. Just remember to be careful as to how much they eat, how old they are when you introduce them, and finally the size of the pieces that you are giving them.

What other solid foods do they eat?

The other thing to look out for is are they eating other solid foods yet? This will tell you if they are ready for something like this. If the solid foods that they are eating are still needing to be mushy then maybe start off with seedless grape jelly to help introduce the flavor. If they are eating pieces of oranges and apples, then giving them grapes should be no problem as they have a similar texture to the oranges. Do keep in mind that some babies may not be able to digest things like fruit properly so if they are causing stomach distress to stop giving them and wait a little longer for your baby’s digestive system to get used to other solid foods first. I recommend starting with things like oranges first then when they are used to that introduce the seedless jelly as a little snack.

My stepsons both love grapes as babies but they had to be closely watched as they would shovel them into their mouths all at once. It is so cute to watch them when they are first feeling the texture of the grapes and the taste because they can make the cutest faces. So, when you are getting ready to give them to your baby have the camera ready especially for green grapes because those can be sour. The other thing is to remember that you know what is best for your baby so always follow your instincts and you will do great.

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