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Can I Give My Baby Dr Pepper?

Carbonated beverages may not be healthy for your child. My sister recently became a mother and asked me a pretty interesting question. Can I give my baby Dr Pepper?

This question is probably more common than you might think. Here is what I told my sister: The majority of carbonated beverages, such as Dr Pepper, contain various fruit acids and sugars. This can pose a problem for your baby’s developing and emerging teeth.

However, it is often challenging for parents to say ‘no’ to their child when they see what the parent is drinking and then want to have some for themselves.

Food selections for babies can be time-consuming because the labels ought to be checked to ensure that your baby is receiving proper nutritional value. However, when it comes to a question like can I give my baby Dr Pepper, we can save some time by exercising some common sense. Soda is not food.

There is no nutritional value to soda, also known as carbonated drinks. A short answer to the question of can I give my baby Dr Pepper should be ‘no’.

A general rule to keep in mind is that any foods or drinks that contain sugar or fruit acids can pose problems for a developing baby. If you insist upon allowing your baby to drink juices or carbonated beverages, such as Dr Pepper, then it is best to do so in moderation.

Can I give my baby Dr Pepper?

Because they are highly advertised on television, online popups, and in print media such as magazines, sugary drinks, such as Dr Pepper, are difficult to avoid.

Their colorful packaging and sing-song jingles make them very appealing to children. Some advertisers even resort to using cute animals to sell their soda. Sure, they are nice, cold, delicious, and satisfying to consume, also.

However, the sugar content of sugary drinks, such as Dr Pepper, can disrupt your baby’s digestive system, causing issues such as diarrhea and painful bloating due to the carbonated bubbles.

It is also important to note that most carbonated drinks contain a high amount of calories. If your question is: can I give my baby Dr Pepper because of potential health concerns, then keep the caloric content and the acidic nature of sodas in mind.

The serving size of a can of soda is not calculated for babies, either. This can make it difficult to keep a baby’s weight at a healthy number.

Sugar-Free soda

Another good question is: can I give my baby Dr Pepper if it is the sugar-free kind? While this is an excellent question, the problem is not solely with the sugar content of carbonated beverages.

The acidic nature of soda is also problematic. They generally contain citric acid, carbonic acid, and phosphoric acid.

However, some flavoring additives introduce other acids to the beverage. Just hearing the words acid and baby in the same conversation is alarming to me. The amount of acids that are commonly found in sodas, such as Dr Pepper, are often frowned upon by Dentists due to the damage they can cause.

Most of the acid found in sodas is phosphoric acid, which is added to slow bacterial growth. Is that really something you want in your baby? In my opinion, if you find yourself asking: Can I give my baby Dr Pepper?

The shortest answer would be that I personally would not, but if you must, please do so in moderation. Some readers might be wondering, can I give my baby Dr Pepper in their bottle? Please do not do this!

Bottles typically hold more liquid than would be recommended for a baby to consume for acidic sodas. This can lead to your baby, developing a sweet tooth and a preference for sugary drinks instead of healthy choices.

Caution should be used to ensure that there are no future cavities. In regards to babies, it is important to ask: Can I feed my baby Dr Pepper?

Giving your baby soda

Is your child at an age where they can hold a drinking cup in their hand and take a sip from it? If the answer is yes, you might find yourself asking, can I give my baby Dr Pepper?

My recommendation is that any acidic beverages, including citrus juice, need to be avoided or, at least, minimized. I recall being in primary school and doing a science experiment with soda, a nail, and a hot-dog.

We placed cups of soda with a nail in one cup and a hot dog in the other one. We then saw how quickly the nail rusted over the next couple of days, and the hot-dog dissolved. If a beverage is strong enough to do that, do you really want it inside of your child?


Some might ask themselves: can I give my baby Dr Pepper if it is diet? Well, water is really best when it comes to avoiding preservatives and caffeine. Yes, Dr Pepper contains some caffeine, too.

Maybe it is easy for you to get your baby to take a nap, but I wouldn’t recommend giving a baby caffeine. Also, there are absolutely no vitamins or minerals in a can of Dr Pepper.

Most cans have around 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar!

Healthy eating habits

Healthy eating habits are difficult to achieve for most adults. Many of us find ourselves succumbing to the ease and convenience of using a fast-food drive-thru instead of eating properly.

Imagine how much more difficult that might be if a child starts off in life with a heavy desire for sugary sweet foods and drinks? Habits are difficult to break, so it is best to develop healthy eating habits while we are young.

My advice will be that if you feel compelled to offer your baby an acidic, carbonated beverage, such as Dr Pepper, that you treat it like any other dessert. Use a small portion for drinking after a meal has already been eaten.

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