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Can I Give My Baby Dates?

Your little one has just started eating solid foods, and you are excited to start feeding your baby as many different things as you can. It can be wildly fun to watch your little one eat different foods and get to know what your baby loves to eat and what they may not be the biggest fan of. This can be one of the most fun times for new parents. You have spent months being tired and overwhelmed with bringing a new person into the world, and now you get to experiment with feeding your baby all different kinds of wild foods.

You might even come across feeding your baby fruits and vegetables, with dates being one of the foods that can come across the table. Perhaps you love to eat dates or add them to your smoothie or other recipes in your daily life. As you prepare dates for yourself in your foods or maybe just as they are, you might be tempted to let your baby have some as they start experimenting with different types of solid foods. But, are dates good for a newborn baby to have?

When To Feed Your Baby Solids

Your baby should start eating solid foods around the six-month timeframe. This is a perfect time to start introducing softer foods to your little one as they start to move from breast milk or formula to eating real solid foods. Six months is the perfect time because this is when your baby will start moving around and interacting with the rest of their surroundings, so it’s a great time to start introducing those foods to your baby. You can start with slow things like mashed potatoes or mashed bananas as your baby starts to get introduced to all the new types of foods they can consume.

What Foods Should You Give Your Baby?

Six months old is the perfect time to start experimenting with feeding your baby all types of foods. You want to start small and slow as you begin to introduce all of these new things to your baby. You don’t want to overwhelm them or try too many things at first. But you can always start slow with feeding your baby pureed fruits and vegetables. This can be a good gauge to see what your baby responds positively too and what your baby may not like all too much at first. Keep trying new things and watch as your baby develops a sense of taste and favorite foods.

What About Dates

But can you give your baby dates? Are dates going to be a good addition to your baby’s diet as they start to break away from formula and breast milk? The answer is yes. Dates are full of lots of nutrition for your little one. It is packed full of iron and calcium, along with sugar and fibers that are great for your baby. When you start moving your baby over to solid foods, you want to make sure that your baby is still getting all of the nutrients that they need. So dates are a great addition to your baby’s diet as you are moving along to other types of foods. They are also sweet-tasting, so it is sure to be a hit with your baby.

What To Watch Out For

Dates can be tasty and full of nutrients, but there can be a side effect of eating too many dates. So you may want to limit how many dates you are feeding your baby as you are trying them out. They may have the nutrients that your little one needs, but you don’t want to overdo it.

Dates are a high glucose fruit, so you may not want to give them too many as you don’t want to raise your baby’s blood glucose levels. The skins are tough as well, so make sure that you do feed dates to your baby that you make them in a thing puree that is fully dissolved. If there are any thick pieces or chunks, it could be too much for your baby to swallow and digest

Just make sure to keep an eye on your baby and consult with their doctor if anything strange does come up as you are feeding dates to your baby.

Where Can You Add Dates?

There are many different kinds of recipes that you can play around with to add dates to your baby’s diet. The most basic thing that you can do with dates is to serve them simply to your baby as a date puree.

Blend up some dates with water in a blender and give them over to your baby to try. This is an easy way to show your baby this new food. You can also add the dates to other fruits and vegetables to help showcase a different flavor to things that maybe your baby didn’t like in the past or just to add a different taste level to something already simple, like bananas or rice. Overall, try as many different things as you would like, adding dates to whatever you want to give more of a flavor boost or an extra level of nutrition.

Dates are packed with so much nutrition and goodness for your baby, you are going to be searching out all different kinds of ways that you can use dates in your baby’s diet. This is a fun time in your baby’s life to start playing around with cool recipes using as many or little ingredients as possible. Because you know that dates are going to taste good to your baby and also be full of so many of the nutrients that your baby is going to need overtime, it is a perfect staple to keep around your house. Keep trying all kinds of recipes to keep your little one eating as many different foods as possible.

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