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Fun Facts About Feeding Your Baby Cherries

    So if you’re like most parents, you want to know what exactly babies can eat. Well, as a basis of childcare, under 8eightmonth old babies must have breast milk or formula. However, after eight months, it is okay to give your baby puree foods, but you have to be careful what to provide them with. Honey isn’t an option till age one, and choking hazards should be avoided at all costs. So you probably are asking, “can I give my baby cherries?” Well, to answer this question, look above. Now, let’s get into some of the details of cherries, and babies being allowed to eat them.

    After eight months, babies can have pureed fruits, vegetables, certain meats, and even snacks. However, the best thing you can do is ask a child care physician to give you a list of what your baby can eat. This will probably include a list of pureed foods, breast milk, formula, and proteins. However, cherries are beneficial to adults and children. So yes, it is okay to give babies cherries after eight months old.

    When and how often can a baby eat cherries?

    You can feed babies pureed cherries at eight months old. They can have them sooner, but ask the child care physician to make sure. To puree the cherries for your baby, you have to put it in a blender then add water as much as necessary to blend it into a puree. At ten months, you can mash it up for them. Use a potato masher to mash them up into a mashed substance for them to eat the food. After one, babies can chew up cherries that are cut in half, if they have enough teeth. Also, again please be sure to get the “okay” from the child’s primary care physician.

    Negatives about giving cherries to your baby:

    There are some drawbacks to giving your baby cherries at both a young age and at ten months. The cherries have pits, making them hard for a baby to swallow. The skin is thick for your baby’s teeth, and as such, it needs to be pureed appropriately and de-pitted so that the baby can eat it easily. Another bad thing about cherries that can be good in certain situations is that it is a natural laxative. If a baby has some cherries, they will poop in the next few hours. That’s a good thing if your baby is constipated, but not more than once a day.

    Benefits of cherries:

    Cherries for adults are one of the best fruits to eat, and on the top 5 list for best foods to eat on a diet. Cherries are a good source of vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. It is a well know natural antioxidant, and it helps adults and babies alike. Also, as stated above, it is a natural laxative. Which is good for your baby’s constipation, and your own as well. They help move along through the bowels, smoothly. Another excellent health benefits for adults that probably aren’t as effective for babies compared to adults, but they are a natural belly fat reducer. Cherries can eat away at belly fat in adults and children. However, cherries shouldn’t be used that way for children, though.

    Another thing that Cherries have that other fruits and foods don’t have is that they are great for diets. Eating 21 cherries are only around 100 calories, and eating that many cherries also make up more than 15% of your daily Vitamin C intake. It helps you to stay on a diet, lose weight, and effectively reduce belly fat if you stick to a regular habit of eating these. This isn’t the same for babies, though, as they are still growing and don’t need to lose weight, but it is suitable for their Vitamin C intake. Cherries are also not highly allergenic, and are a good food to give babies over the age of 8 months for allergic reactions.

    Some advice about giving your baby cherries:

    On the matter of cherries, you should wait until they’re between 8 and 9 months old to give them pureed cherries. Cherries need de-pitted so that they don’t become a problem to the babies as a choking hazard or an allergen. They are great starter foods for babies because, as stated before, they aren’t highly allergenic. Also, some advice would be to wait until your baby has a few teeth before giving them mashed cherries so that they can chew them up thoroughly. Also, at young ages, cherries shouldn’t be given to babies too often. While they do have numerous health benefits for adults, giving babies too much will make them poop machines, and they will have to be changed 3 to 4 times a day.

    Another piece of advice is to give that you always want to check in with your baby’s health care physician. This is because babies are not all the same, and physicians exam each baby to see what they can eat based on their intake and the number of teeth. So, they will give you a list of foods that you can give your baby should you ask them for one, and that’s when you can ask about cherries.


    Babies are not all the same, so if you ask, “can I give my baby cherries?” The answer will differ per child. The doctor, the care physician, will let you know when they can have cherries, and how many cherries they can have a day. Pureed until one is the best choice, but ask the physician when they can start eating them. Also, cherries are excellent for babies, and for adults, however, they should be eaten in moderation for babies. You can also use cherries as a natural laxative if your baby is ever constipated when your baby is allowed by a physician to eat them. Other laxatives are natural that you can give your baby before eight months if that ever becomes an issue. So the answer is yes, after eight months old, and upon instruction by a physician, you can give your baby cherries.

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