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Can I Give My Baby Chapstick?

Can my baby use Chapstick?

When a baby’s body is getting used to the harsher air of the world their skin may be affected. From dry skin to chapped lips, the baby may be suffering and you don’t even know it. So how do you combat these small ailments? One way is to consider the use of chap-stick on your baby. Should you use chapstick on baby? Is it safe?

The new world that babies have to learn to live in is a drying one. The initial transfer from the womb to the world can be exhausting and drying. Especially if your baby is born into the cold winter air, the effects on the skin and lips can be massive. Along with that, a newborn predominantly sucks on things. From bottles, breasts to pacifiers, the sucking to survive and stay calm can cause major lip irritation. So it is no surprise that it is something that new parents have to deal with. Your initial thought is to put chapstick on their little lips. But is this such a good idea?

Treating Baby’s Chapped Lips

There are a couple of ways to help treat your baby’s chapped lips. There are a few products on the market but it is cheaper and for some babies more effective, to try an at-home method. There are a few methods that utilize things that are readily available to you. There are a few things to consider before trying a lip balm on a baby. And when it doubt always ask your pediatrician. There are also great resources at public health and on the internet for new parents.

Breast Milk: The Ultimate Healer

Breast milk can be used for a lot of things other than just to feed a baby. Breast milk is filled with tons of wonderful anecdotal ingredients. The nutrients in breast milk can help chapped lips. Pediatricians and doctors often recommend breast milk for all types of skin conditions from psoriasis to eczema. Some mothers also give their children breast milk baths because it is so helpful for dry skin. So it is no surprise that if your baby is suffering chapped lips you should put a little breast milk on them. This will help the chapped lips heal and stay protected.

Baby Safe Balm

There are a few baby-safe lip balms on the market. It is important to consider all the ingredients that go into the lip balms before you put on the baby. Adult lip balms often have harsher ingredients in them. This is because our adult lips are already toned and developed to deal with the harsh world air. So they are not good to be putting on babies’ lips. Especially because babies are likely to ingest a little of the lip balm. No matter how hard you try for it not to happen, the act of sucking on a bottle or pacifier is likely going to pass the balm into their system. Along with that, their body absorbs more. So anything you put on or in it may cause them problems. So it is so important only to use balms with the best ingredients.

Nipple Cream?

A common problem in new breastfeeding moms is the irritation of the breast and nipple. this is because that part of the body is not ready to deal with the irritation and sucking of breastfeeding. So there are many creams on the market to help with that. One of these is a lanolin cream. Lanolin is great for many skin ailments and chapped lips is one of them. Lanolin can help the skin heal. But along with that, it can develop a top layer to help protect the skin as well. This protection can allow healing to go on underneath.

Top Alternative

One last great product for chapped lips in adults and babies is coconut oil. Coconut oil has proven itself in the last few years as being applicable for many different ailments. One of these is chapped lips. Especially in babies because it also creates a protective layer. Along with that, there are nutrients in coconut oil that are not found in many other places. These can help with skin development and reproduction. You will find that coconut oil is a cheap and easy way to help your baby with chapped lips. Along with that, coconut oil tastes good so babies won’t be unhappy to have on their lips. If you are finding your baby has dry chapped lips try coconut oil.


There are a few other problems that can present with dry cracked lips. Certain vitamin deficiencies will start as cracked lips. There are also some other environmental problems that present as chapped lips. So if you try a few at-home remedies but overall don’t seem to be having much luck, be sure to talk to your pediatrician. Also, look for other issues as well. If chapped lips are presenting with lethargy or vomiting you may need to go to the hospital immediately. When in doubt or if you just have a gut feeling, go to the hospital or call your pediatrician immediately.


In the end, the harsh transfer from the womb to the world can wreak havoc on babies’ soft skin. In order to help combat these parents often use chapstick and lotions. Lips seem to get the brunt of the irritation because along with being in a dryer world, they also have to get used to sucking and the irritation of feeding. Extremely chapped lips can eventually cause other problems like a baby not wanting to feed or infection. So it is important for parents to get on the ball and be prepared. So if your newborn seems to have chapped lips, speak with your pediatrician at your next visit.

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