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Can I Give My Baby Alcohol?

Is it okay to give my baby alcohol, to soothe his gums, to help him sleep better? So the next question would probably be, who would want to give their baby alcohol? Well, you might be surprised, but then you may also be surprised at the possible harm alcohol can be to your baby. As a new parent, you wouldn’t want to be the cause of harm to your newborn baby, would you? Let’s take a look at the reasons someone would want to give their baby alcohol and, after research, determine why you should not! Here are quite a few reasons why not.

Can I rub a teething baby’s gums with alcohol?

For a new mom, it can be heartbreaking to hear your baby whining and crying because their gums are itching. Even rubbing the gums gives no relief. As your grandma may have suggested years ago, one bit of advice is to rub a little whiskey on the gums. It is said that this whiskey will numb the gums, thus soothing them and taking away the pain. While it may seem harmless, these very tiny amounts can add up over time and cause harm to your baby’s body. Even if it does not add up over time, a tiny bit of alcohol can cause great harm to a tiny infant’s body. Alcohol is not made for infants. Therefore it is extremely dangerous to give to infants, and even a small dab can cause great harm.

Is it okay to give a little alcohol to my newborn?

Not! Newborns are tiny and fragile. While it may give you a rest from your baby’s whining and crying, you are harming your baby in the long run. Small amounts of alcohol can poison a baby. There is no reason that a newborn needs alcohol into its tiny system. If you do introduce your newborn to alcohol, you are introducing them to a powerful toxin with no benefits. You need to think twice before taking this route for whatever reason you have in mind.

Can I give my baby alcohol to help him/her sleep?

A person that gives his/her baby alcohol, even the least bit, does not understand just how delicate a baby’s body is. A baby drinking alcohol can experience sickness pretty quickly, throwing up and even death. It is just not a good idea to give your baby alcohol to help him/her sleep. Alcohol affects the central nervous system, so you can only imagine its effect on a baby’s. Also, alcohol can cause a baby’s throat to become numb, and just as it can have a bad effect on an adult’s liver, it can do even worse damage on an infant.

Is it okay to drink while I’m breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and drinking alcohol do not mix! So when you breastfeed, whatever you eat or drink passes from your body into your baby. The same will happen if you drink alcohol. Research shows that no amount, large or small in breast milk, is considered safe for a baby. It has been researched and shown that babies who are exposed to one drink a day may have impaired motor development and that alcohol can cause changes in sleep patterns. Just know that if you drink while breastfeeding, you may be setting yourself up for a tiny drunk in the future. You should not expose your child to this type of behavior at this time in his/her life, even before he can live!

Can I let my baby take a sip of alcohol just because he likes it?

Frankly speaking, it is not okay to give a baby any amount of alcohol. At this age in his/her life, they should not know what alcohol tastes like. Therefore they should not be expecting it. Their bodies are just not large enough to handle even the smallest amount. Even listening to myths from your grandparents is just not what it’s cracked up to be. These myths do not stand up to research and facts that show otherwise. Your baby is the prize that you brought into the world, so you do not want to do anything to hurt him/her. If the thought of doing this comes to mind, it’s best to take a look at the next best thing, Orajel, and sitting up late in a rocking chair singing and humming until your baby falls asleep.


Overall, exposing your baby to alcohol, whether it be rubbing on the gums, a sip in the bottle, or breastfeeding, it is just not a good idea. In other words, please don’t do it! In research and study after study, nowhere is showing that there is any benefit to an infant to ingest alcohol. All of the research shows that there is just not any benefit to a bay having alcohol, only the opposite. A baby is not able to walk downstairs and grab a bottle of rum or go to the ABC store to pick up some Vodka, so why should he/she have it? When it comes down to it, the adult just needs to make the adult decision.

A baby’s body is just too fragile to handle alcohol. It is also shown that if a baby regularly has alcohol, he/she can become addicted to it just as an adult will. So, it is best to let the child grow up and make the decision to become an alcoholic on his own, not for the parents to decide if this is the road he will take. Alcohol can be dangerous for adults, so with that said, it is downright dangerous for an infant. One last bit of advice from, please, save the alcohol for parties and keep it out of your baby’s bottle. At least if you keep it on your shelf, there is less chance that you’ll lose your newborn to alcohol. Enjoy your baby as a baby and not as an adult!

2 thoughts on “Can I Give My Baby Alcohol?”

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