Can I Give My Baby Agave Nectar?

The short answer is Yes. You can give your baby under one agave nectar.

It is common for parents to give it to their babies to relieve coughs. However, honey is NOT recommended because it could cause botulism in babies under 1.

Explore different foods

Exploring different foods to give your baby is a truly exciting time. It also helps you become nutritionally conscious because you have to make conscious choices for your baby. These choices allow you to become creative with your baby’s meals and ensure that you make delicious meals for your baby.

One rule to employ regarding whether your baby will like the food you prepare is whether you like the taste. Your baby has half your genes and a half from their other parent. So they will most likely have one of your preferences when it comes to food.

You can use this knowledge as a guide to help you understand your baby’s preferences and make them food they will love because you know you or their other parent would love it too.

Over-the-counter cough medications are not prescribed or meant for children under two years of age. Pediatricians and parents have to sort to find other ways to help relieve any cough symptoms for babies.

Studies carried out found that honey (still not recommended) and agave nectar both relieved cough symptoms in babies under one and are a natural way to ensure that your baby is healthy.

When it comes to taste, most babies are picky. Their taste buds have become accustomed to a certain level of sweetness from breast milk or formula they consume.

Breast milk is known to be sweet, creamy with a very nice flavor. This means that your baby if they have been breastfeeding from birth, has become accustomed to a level of sweetness.

The same is true for baby formula, though it is often not as sweet as breast milk, babies prefer the brands with the extra sweetness.

Foods like agave nectar offer parents who are having trouble getting their child to feed well some relief. Below are some ways you can use agave nectar for your baby.

Agave nectar for coughs

Research has shown that sweet foods are a natural way to relieve coughs in babies under 1, who cannot be given over-the-counter medication or any other medication. This doesn’t mean anything sweet should be given to your baby. Foods like honey cannot and should not be given to babies under 1.

Honey is susceptible to becoming contaminated by a bacteria Clostridium Bacterium found in soil and dust and causes infant botulism.

Infant botulism happens when the baby ingests the bacteria from the contaminated honey. It causes affected babies to experience muscle weakness, decrease in their muscle structure; the babies don’t suck well and often suffer from constipation.

Although this bacteria is harmless in adults and older children, it often causes extreme problems for babies under 1. This is because their immune systems are not sufficiently strong enough to handle the bacteria within. It is best to avoid giving honey to your baby.

Cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup are sometimes suggested to help babies relieve coughs. But high fructose corn syrup is artificial, and both could lead to obesity when too much is used.

Agave nectar is natural

Agave nectar is an all-natural sweetener that is derived from the agave plant that is native to Mexico. It is recommended for people who have diabetes and those who require good alternatives to sugar for sweeteners.

Raw agave nectar is made by slowly heating and the agave plant using low heat that extracts the natural syrup.

It is recommended because it has a low glycemic index. It means that it slowly releases sugar into the body, making it ideal for babies or people who need to control their blood sugar because it helps them avoid sugar spikes.

Purchasing the correct agave nectar

It is important to purchase your agave nectar from a reputable source such as a store whose focus is on natural foods that aren’t highly processed with additives and preservatives.

Please note that the FDA does not regulate the definition of natural food. It is important to ensure that the agave nectar you purchase one that is as pure as possible, meaning it is additive-free.

Adding agave nectar to your baby’s food

Adding a sweetener such as an agave nectar to your baby’s oatmeal is one way to help them enjoy their meal. It’s best to do so only when your baby is apprehensive about eating their food.

Adding just a bit of agave nectar will add the sweetness your baby is used to having from their formula or breast milk and will make them more eager to eat the food, in this case, oatmeal.

Taste of agave nectar

Agave nectar is often considered to have a bland taste. Compared to alternatives, like maple syrup that often has a note of cinnamon, vanilla, or hazelnut.

The bland taste of agave nectar makes it ideal to be used in many foods because it only enhances the sweetness of the food and does not distort the flavor profile of the food.

This quality makes it appealing for a wide variety of uses. It is important to consider your baby’s health when adding any food to their diet.

Sweeteners can cause obesity with your baby. Moderation is key. It is best to ensure that you control the amount sweetener you add to your baby’s food. And also, limit the amount they take with meals every day by varying the tastes of the meals you give them.

The six tastes detected by the human tongue are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringency, and umami. You should vary the flavor of food you give your baby to expand their palate and expand their culinary choices.

Will feeding your baby agave nectar impact his sleep schedule?

Absolutely! Feeding your baby agave nectar can have an impact on his sleep schedule. But, unfortunately, many parents feed their baby agave nectar without even considering that it may totally impact your baby for days to come.

Your baby’s diet will impact their sleep quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this specific baby sleep schedule on nights your baby consumes agave nectar.

Can agave nectar cause your baby to have nightmares?

Some parents believe that the ingredients in agave nectar may cause your baby to have nightmares. You might be just as surprised as us to learn how much agave nectar impacts your baby’s sleep. However, there are ways to check if agave nectar is impacting your baby’s sleep. Check out that link to learn about the powerful impact agave nectar has on your baby’s sleep.

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