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Can I Give My Baby Advil?

Yes, you can. You do, however, need to be careful. It is very common for babies and small toddlers to have headaches and fevers. Making sure they are well-taken care of should be your priority.

However, and, more importantly, you cannot give your baby adult Advil.

You need to give them something called infant Advil. It comes in a much smaller dosage. Infant Advil(which is also called Infant Motrin) should be given every 6-8 hours. It is better to alternate the Infant Tylenol and Infant Advil.

That way, you can see which one your baby responds to better.

Now, every parent is bound to make a mistake with medication. It is part of being a parent. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that parents make with their baby’s medication that others should learn from.

Giving the Wrong Dose

Advil (along with other headache or pain medications) has something called acetaminophen(most of them do, anyway). You have to get the dosage right. It will tell you on the bottle how much to give your baby.

Babies that ingest too much acetaminophen end up with other issues. Your baby might even be allergic to it. That is why you should alternate small doses in the beginning, in case your baby is allergic. That way, you find a suitable alternative.

Infant Advil can come in both liquid and cap form. Talk with your doctor to find out which one is better. Once again, make sure to follow the dosage in the bottle(regardless of whether it is liquid or cap).

Not following the instructions could find your baby in a worse predicament than having a fever or headache.


Here is the thing, your baby cannot tell you that he or she has already had their dose of Advil for the day. Some parents forget themselves and repeat the dose. Please, do not beat yourself up. That is a common mistake.

The best thing to do is to keep track of everything with a log of some kind. You can also use your smartphone to keep track. Your phone can notify you when it is time to give your baby another dose of Advil(if they need it).

Do you have caregivers that help take care of your baby? Ask them to keep track too. Have them use the same logging system on their end. That way, both of you are on the same page.

That is also why you must hire the right caregiver for your baby. Do they have the right training? Do they come highly recommended?

Hiring the right caregiver is just one more step to take to make sure your baby is getting the right dose.

Close Together

Medication is something that you cannot give too close together. It could harm the person, especially a baby. Once again, this connects with the right dose. The last thing you want is to have your baby ingest more than they should. Some pediatric hospitals also argue against the idea of alternating medications. They argue that it could lead to an unexpected overdose. Once again, you must speak to your doctor before doing it.

The Prescription

Here is the thing. The prescription is the communication between your doctor and the pharmacist. Sometimes the dose is wrong( as in the numbers do not match up). That does happen sometimes.

It is important to remember not to freak out when it does happen.

The doctor is speaking in the medical language. You might notice a discrepancy when you ser the initial form. Speak with your pharmacist about the numbers. Your pharmacist translates everything into plain English for your benefit.

Talk to your pharmacist about any issues that are written on the Infant Advil bottle. He or she will tell you the correct dose to give your baby and when.


It does happen where the medication is expired. You might have ordered the medication for your baby initially, but then found out you did not need it. Let’s say your baby gets his or her fever back.

What do you do?

Always check the bottle to make sure nothing expired. You should never use any medication or medical supplies that expire. Make sure what you have is the right thing.

Some parents like to mix everything into one big bag( kind of like a giant baby care bag). Yeah, you to avoid it. Mixing everything up could cause you to pull out the wrong medication for your baby. You might pull medication that looks similar to Infant Advil and give it your baby( which is going to cause other concerns).

There is also an issue of effect. You want your baby to feel better after they take it. You want their headache or fever to go down and stop. Piling everything into one bag could cause the Advil to lose its potency.

Taking medication that has lost its potency is kind of redundant. You will wind up in the same place you started.

Some Other Medical Tips For Infant Advil and Other Medications

  • Keep a list of everything your child is currently taking. Say, for example, your child needs something new. Talk to your doctor beforehand. It is another example of mixing medications, and something you want to avoid.
  • Keep everything locked and out-of-reach. I know that your child is just a baby, but you could have other prying eyes around the house watching.
  • Does your baby have an allergy to Infant Advil? It does happen. Tell your doctor before he or she prescribes it. You might want to consider an alternate route for getting rid of your baby’s headache or fever.
  • Remember to call your local poison control center if your baby accidentally ingests something they should not.

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