Can I Give My Baby Activia?

At some point, it is time to start your baby on real foods. What most parents don’t know is that children tend to get constipated. This is because they don’t have a ton of probiotics inside their system to ensure good processing of food. Along with that, it is essential to be feeding your little one high-quality food. One of these foods is Activia yogurt. Although it is marketed for adults, it is an easy way to give your child probiotics and help your child have a healthy gut.


Probiotics are the key to the healthy processing of food. They are what help your stomach and intestines break down and utilize food. You can buy probiotics over the counter for babies and children, but one easy way to get them in is yogurt. Most little children love the taste of yogurt. And yogurt is the perfect consistency for anyone learning how to eat real food.

Watch Out for the Dairy

Although it is a perfect consistency, most yogurt has dairy. Children who had colic and dairy allergies are not great candidates for Activia yogurt. So it is important to be aware of this before you consider it an option.

Other Things Added In?

One thing to be aware of with yogurt is any other additives. Yogurt companies like to add flavoring and sugar that is not good for your child’s teeth. Activia is not one of these companies. Activia yogurt only has added probiotics. When in doubt, stick with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt typically does not have additives in it. If non-sugar yogurt is not tripping your child’s taste buds, try adding in some fresh fruit of your own. Some children even like yogurt with a little dry cereal. It can help change the taste a little.

How to Introduce Activia

If you have decided to try yogurt with your child, be sure to introduce it just as you would any other food. First of all, it is not recommended as a first food. Yogurt, in general, is an excellent food to start closer to nine months. After your baby has had a few experiences with some other foods and their stomach is processing well. After that, you should introduce it a little at a time and watch for reactions. A few common reactions to a child are not processing the dairy in yogurt as well as itching, swelling in the face, and eczema on the skin. After your baby has eaten Activia for a few days and proved they don’t have any allergies, then you know that you are on track to a healthier lifestyle!

Baby Yogurts

Did you know that there are yogurts on the market that are marketed directly for babies and children? There are a few commercial brands out there, from baby-yo to a basic Kroger brand baby yogurt. These baby yogurts are typically not differing much from adult yogurt except for serving size. Along with that, some of the brands offer different flavoring or less sugar. There are also many kinds of yogurt out there. From Greek to European style to just regular old yogurt, there are many options for you if you decide that you want to give your little one a little probiotic boost.

Probiotic Benefits

Serving your baby, a little Activia yogurt every day, can be helpful to your child in many ways. Probiotics found in yogurt have been proven to be very beneficial to children and adults. First of all, probiotics help your digestive system. They help add extra helpers for digestion. This helps ensure that your little one gets the most out of every bite you feed. Along with that, it helps ensure that your little one doesn’t have problems with constipation. After starting on real food, constipation is a very common problem.

Another great benefit to probiotics is that they help your immune system. Children who are on probiotics or eat yogurt daily are proven to be healthier and happier. When your immune system is working well, and your stomach is working well, it’s a good day.

Probiotics have also been proven to help with some mental health conditions and other small ailments. If you are sick, probiotics are good for the system. If your child has ADHD or another type of behavioral illness, probiotics have been proven to help with that. Along with a healthier diet. In the end, feeding your child Activia may do more than just balance babies’ stomach bacteria!

Although probiotics can be very beneficial, they can also be negative in some ways. For some children, the dairy allergy gets in the way of the benefits of yogurt. There are other ways to get probiotics into the system without adding lactose and dairy of yogurt. Another thing to consider is your child’s gut system. If you already have your child on a pretty healthy diet, then the cost of Activia yogurt may not be worth the benefit. The first time or two that your child is attempting to adjust to Activia yogurt, they may have diarrhea. This is because it blasts their system. However, the body and yogurt can work together to balance out. Also, it is not recommended to eat Activia every single day as a child. You don’t want your child’s system to become reliant on it.


At the end of the day, if you look in your fridge and Activia is all you have, it won’t hurt your baby or child to eat it. The additional probiotics and healthy aspects of it can be beneficial to your child. Just be aware of the dairy and lactose in yogurt. All of these facts added together can make for an interesting debate about the health factors involved. But all in all, Activia is pretty safe for your baby.

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