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5 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

The first thing to know is that breastfeeding in public is legal. This means that no one should attempt to stop you or remove you from the area you are breastfeeding your baby. If someone attempts to do so, do not engage them, simply remove yourself and your baby from the space and call the police immediately to handle the situation.

You have the right to breastfeed your baby whenever and wherever you are when your baby is hungry.

It is important not to engage anyone who attempts to criticize or harass you for feeding your baby, the safety of your baby and you own safety are more important, besides such people carry and feed on bad energy and you want to protect your peace and your baby’s peace from bad energy, so ignore them.

Forget the opinions of critical people and remember that you have the support of law enforcement whenever you need it.

How you breastfeed in public is up to you and your comfort level. Some mothers choose to wear loose clothes that allow them to easily and quickly latch their baby, others choose to go to a private place such as the women’s lounge or dressing room or simply face away from the crowd, while others choose to wear their baby in a sling or wrap, however, you choose to enjoy the process.

Focus on making sure you do it in a way that works for both your baby and yourself.

If you are uncomfortable, your baby will sense it and your baby will have a hard time breastfeeding well. Your baby is always in tune with your emotions and reacts to them. So it is best to be as calm as possible when you are breastfeeding your baby.

Below are some suggestions to help you enjoy breastfeeding your baby in public areas.

1. Breastfeed them when you are comfortable

You must always be comfortable when breastfeeding your baby. If the thought of breastfeeding your baby in public makes you nervous you must first ask yourself why it does. This will help you resolve any issues you may be having.

Your baby needs to eat and until they are weaned, your breast milk is their primary source of food so they need you on board at all times.

If working through the issues that hold you back from breastfeeding in public creates more stress you can take your baby’s bottles and warmer with you whenever you leave the house. This will mean that you will have to be adequately prepared to feed your baby before they need it, so that you have time to prepare their bottle.

It’s a little more work, but it is a solution for you until you can resolve the issues that make you uncomfortable with feeding your baby in public.

2. Different methods that work

If you are uncomfortable with breastfeeding your baby in public, you can use a nursing cover to maintain your privacy. Find a comfortable spot and use your cover to cover your baby. This allows you to nurse your baby in privacy.

You can also find a quiet corner, where you and your baby can sit without interruption or attention. Your baby having food is your first priority.

If you are in a crowded place you can find a spot where you are less visible and turn your back to the crowd and breastfeed your baby.

You can also breastfeed your baby while they are in their sling or wrap, for privacy. It is ok to breastfeed your baby in any way that feels comfortable and natural for you.

3. Ask your partner for support

Breastfeeding is a time when you and your baby should be as calm as possible, this not only allows your baby to receive adequate nutrition but also allows you to bond with your baby.

You can include your partner in your sessions by having them sit beside you and your baby. They can place their arm over you to protect you and offer support. They can read or use the internet while you breastfeed, their presence will be enough to put you at ease.

If you had any reservations and discomfort about breastfeeding your baby in public, having someone close who you love and trust to support you and protect you during this vulnerable time with your baby is the best solution.

It also allows your partner to bond with you and the baby, this deepens your family unit because your partner is participating in the most important care for your baby, it also deeps the bonds you all share and love.

Knowing you have someone beside you will help your confidence and which will deter anyone that would have criticized you.

4. Plan your response

If you feel the need to respond, then it’s best to have a great response.

“No thank you, we don’t eat in restrooms” is enough and turn away from them. Do not give them any more attention, if they persist, call the police and allow them to handle the situation.

Do not engage anyone, your safety and the safety of your baby are most important.

5. Practice

Breastfeeding in public can be an adjustment in some cases if you aren’t mentally prepared for it. Everyone that handles anything well has mentally prepared for it. The same is true for breastfeeding.

You can start affirming to yourself:

  • It is ok to breastfeed in public
  • I can always breastfeed my baby in public if I wish.
  • I love breastfeeding my baby wherever and whenever I wish.

These affirmations will help you mentally prepare to breastfeed your baby in public and will ensure you both have a great experience.

Also, practice at home in front of the mirror. If you forget your nursing cover you will have to become comfortable with breastfeeding your baby without one and it’s ok.

Your body is nothing to be ashamed of in any way. It is something you celebrate, it gave you that little love you adore beyond infinity, so it’s ok.

Breastfeed your baby, it’s all that matters.

Enjoy breastfeeding your baby wherever and whenever you wish. Remember that you are protected by federal and state laws. Fortunately, most people are good people and will give you the peace and space you need to care for your baby. So enjoy every moment with your baby.

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