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8 Tips for Breastfeeding a Sleepy Baby

Babies get to sleep for many hours, and at times as a parent, you might become restless and want to wake them up. More often, among the reasons for waking up a sleeping baby is for breastfeeding purposes. Some babies don’t love too much sleep, but the case might be different for your child more so if he or she loves sleeping for too long. Therefore you have to find ways through which your baby will be wake up for feeding. Breastfeeding should be able to give you an all-round experience as a parent. While a sleepy baby might pause as a challenge to your experience, there are ways you can deal with the challenge. Also, as much as waking up a sleeping baby for feeding purposes is not advisable, here are some tips to help you when breastfeeding a sleepy baby.

How often to wake up your baby for breastfeeding

Babies are sleepy people in general. However, the one breastfeeding fact you should know is, every three to four hours of the day is breastfeeding time. As a parent, frequent breastfeeding will help your baby build up enough body energy through breast milk, and you will also get to simulate your body to produce enough breast milk for your child. The issue which most parents get to deal with however, is what happens when feeding time comes, and the baby is asleep or sleepy? What you have to be aware of is you don’t deserve a timetable for breastfeeding your child. Most babies, when awake, will be feeding on demand. However, if they are the sleepy serial heads, here are some ways which you can use to wake them up.

Talking to the baby

Among the most familiar voices in a baby’s life is a mother’s voice. Talking to your sleepy baby can be magical. Some babies are so responsive whenever they hear their mother’s voice. You can use the trick to your advantage even as an often strategy for waking your baby whenever his or her breastfeeding time reaches, and they are asleep.

Change of diaper

After a certain duration of time, a sleeping baby will require a change of diaper. If your baby has been asleep for between three to four hours, they probably are uncomfortable in their diaper. Once you begin to change the diaper, you will realize the movement the diaper change causes will prompt the baby to wake up or even just open their eyes. You can use the chance for breastfeeding, if they get to go back to sleep after breastfeeding, well and good.

Gently take off the blanket

A sleepy baby will wake up the moment they realize their blanket is coming off. However, if you live in a very cold house, the cold temperatures might affect your baby leading to other unforeseen issues. During the summer, such a tip will always come in handy for you. The other seasons will have you being extra careful because babies, unlike adults, get to lose their body heat very fast. What you should realize from here is, gentling taking off your baby’s blanket will work but be certain of the temperatures.

Burping your baby

Babies love burping. One of the ways your child will get to relax as much a possible is if you burp them. You can rub their back gently, any gas which is in their body also tends to come out through burping. When excess gas leaves the body, the baby will get to wake up, and even the breastfeeding process will be very comfortable for them. Here you get to achieve various things which other tricks don’t offer. Number one, gas will leave the body, and number two, you will have an easy breastfeeding time with your baby.

Avoid pacifiers during the first month

Pacifiers are like sleep accelerators for most babies. As a parent, you could be having two or three for your baby, and there is no problem with having several pacifiers. However, during the first month with your baby, a pacifier might have them sleeping longer than usual. Also, you will realize the baby is usually quiet when using a pacifier. Therefore as a mother, maybe a baby who sleeps all the time and is quiet could be what you pray for so as you can also relax and get time for yourself. As much as there is some good in there, your baby could be starving, and you are not aware. After the first month, most babies become good at breastfeeding, and hence you can introduce him or her to a pacifier.

Why newborns are often sleepy

As a parent, the one question you could be asking yourself is why your newborn is super sleepy all the time hence making breastfeeding difficult? Well, the good news is, most newborns are super sleepy. The main reason being, during childbirth as a mother or, rather most mothers, get to take lots of drugs to take away the labor pains. These drugs usually get to affect the baby too, and he or she might become sleepy all the time during the first month, but eventually, they will become fine. Therefore you should not worry. With the tips are given earlier on, as much as your baby is sleepy, you will still get to go on with breastfeeding your child as normal.

When then should the sleeping trend of your child worry you?

One thing is clear; babies are very sleepy humans. However, there comes a time when the sleeping trend of your baby can super worrying hence getting in the way of breastfeeding and even their health. If the sleeping trend of your baby is worrying, then you should see a baby sleep analysis specialist. Some infections can cause excessive sleepiness in babies and can come in the way of breastfeeding. If your baby can’t wake up for breastfeeding purposes even after trying the tricks above, then maybe you should visit a doctor so as any chances of infections will be dealt with. If you are a mother who has been a dilemma on breastfeeding a sleepy baby, you can now begin enjoying your breastfeeding time with your baby.

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