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What is the Best Place for a Baby Crib?


Preparing for a baby and planning a nursery are times of joy and worry. How is it possible to best keep a baby safe and comfortable? This is done by arranging things so the child is sleeping in the best place for a baby’s crib within the space allotted. The best place is convenient for a parent to access, safe from the baby’s excursions, and well regulated in temperature.

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Avoid dangling objects

The best place for a baby’s crib is the safest place in the nursery or other room.

This means avoiding dangling objects like curtain cords. There has been a sad history of parents and childcare workers not heeding this important safety factor with tragic results. Cords for curtains and blinds, as well as other objects that dangle tantalizingly within reach, are highly hazardous to a baby’s health.

Avoid windows

If the baby’s crib is placed directly in front of a window, there are several risks that might be realized that go beyond curtain cords. Drafts are one. Even a mild draft can, over time, encourage illness by throwing off the baby’s temperature.

Direct patches of sunlight falling into the crib and overheating the baby are another. There is also a risk of an energetic older baby trying to climb up and out if the window is open to let in mild temperatures. It is best and safest to prevent all such possibilities by simply arranging for the crib to be away from any windows when planning the best place for a baby’s crib.

Avoid (or cap) electrical outlets

Cribs that have slatted or low sides to permit an older baby to reach through them should be placed well away from electrical outlets. If this is impractical or infeasible, cap the outlets for the safety of the baby’s exploring fingers.

This might seem like simple common sense, but it can be easy to overlook an electrical outlet when planning where furniture will go, especially if the socket seems to be safely out of reach. Planning for babies involves a lot of just-in-case scenarios. Finding the best place for a baby’s crib is one.

By the nursery door

The best place for a baby’s crib in the nursery is right by the door, but not where the door is going to strike it when it opens. You do not want to accidentally startle or wake the baby from a good sound sleep, but neither do you want the crib to be too deep within the room. When the crib is placed closest to the door, it is easily accessible in cases of emergency.

By your bed

If you are going to start out with your baby in your bedroom, the best place for a baby’s crib is right next to you, perhaps on the other side of a nightstand, but no further away. The goal here is a feeling of closeness and security as well as proximity in the case of something going wrong with the infant.

Be aware of nearby objects

Plan ahead for a more active baby. Just because the feat of rolling over is impossible when a nursery is first necessary does not mean that that stage will last forever, or even for long. Babies seem to grow in a blink and will soon be reaching for anything that is within their chubby arms’ length. Keep this in mind when arranging the placement of storage, bookcases, diaper-changing tables, the best place for a baby’s crib, and other accessories that might be used to furnish a nursery.

Don’t place near a counter top

Along the lines of planning for a more active baby, remember that the baby in question will eventually climb. This might come surprisingly quick, hard on the heels of being able to pull themselves upright in the first place. A crib adjacent to a counter top will allow the baby a high surface to climb out upon and from which to tumble. The safest place in the nursery will be a place that does not encourage a baby’s more adventurous explorations or give access from the crib and out into the world of the room.

Avoid placing a crib near pets

While discounting the many silly superstitions that pervade the lore of babies and animals, it is still wise to keep the crib out of the easy reach of pets. When unsupervised, accidents and mistakes can happen with even the gentlest and best-meaning of pets.

Even a lightweight cat, when drawn to the warmth of a baby or the milk on the child’s breath, can cause difficulties breathing. Larger dogs can be clumsy without meaning to, and even smaller dogs can accidentally scratch or sit on a sleeping baby. This is also a bad time to realize that the baby has some sort of animal-based allergy if pets have unsupervised access to the baby. This is why the best place for a baby’s crib is out of reach of pets.

Other potential environmental hazards to avoid:

Other hazards that might be within reach of a baby’s exploring grasp, and could be dangerous as choking hazards or for the chemicals they contain or their sharp edges, and so should be considered when choosing the best place for a baby’s crib, include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Loose wallpaper
  • Decals with loose edges.
  • Exposed heads of nails or screws.
  • Splinters.
  • Long loose threads or strands of blankets.

While there are several considerations to finding and using the best place for a baby’s crib within a nursery or other room, there is peace of mind in knowing your baby is safe, whether the infant is sleeping or wakeful.

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