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Reasons Your Baby Won’t Nap Without a Bottle

Can your baby not let go of the bottle when it’s time to lay down for a nap? Having a baby that is clingy to their bottle can be annoying, especially when it’s time for bed. You might wonder why your little one is so adamant about taking their favorite bottle to bed. Getting an understanding can help you wean your baby of this habit. So, here might be a few reasons why.

Babies are Naturally Dependant

When we are born, we cannot survive on your own. We have to rely on others to survive. If your little one cannot go to bed without a bottle in hand, it could be just due to their age. The recommended age for a baby to kick bottle feeding is before age one, no later than 18 months. If your baby is obsessing over the bottle, it could just be that they are still learning to detach. Staying dependant on something is not that hard, either. If something makes you comfortable, it is desirable. Most babies will attach to anything that makes them feel comfortable. Comfortable sleeping is something we all want, not just babies.

Baby Associates the Bottle with Parents

If your baby is attached to you or any other family member, associations can form. Bottles can quickly become a reference to good memories. All it takes is being by a person you and a place you like, and a good time. Rinse and repeat a few times, and anything can become a source of good memories. Sometimes you must expose your baby to new surroundings and objects. Never stop aiming to create good memories with your child, but try to add in new experiences. Soon, they will have other things to associate with good memories, not just the bottle and the parent.

Using the Bottle as a Crutch for Too Long

Getting a full 8 hours of sleep is difficult with a bouncing baby. It can seem like a winning tactic to do whatever it takes to make your child go to sleep. Like many babies grow out of having a sporadic sleep schedule, they learn to break a bad habit. Bad habits can take a while and a lot of effort to break. If you gave in to your little one’s temper tantrums, you let a bad habit continue. Using a bottle as a means to make your child go to sleep or stay asleep can enable dependencies. Check to see if you bend to your child’s temper, letting them have what they want instead of need.

Old Night Feeding Habits

Habits make the world go round. Babies are very susceptible to learning habits and routines and sticking with them. Newborn babies sleep, wake up, and eat at sporadic times. There is no set schedule for a baby until you make one for them over time. Babies get hungry in the middle of the night, you feed them, and they go back to sleep. A routine can form when your baby cries for a bottle in the night, receives it and does it again. They figure that it is possible to eat at night, every night, and grows into a habit of the night feeding. Going to nap with a bottle in hand is soon sure to follow. Setting a more certain feeding schedule is probably the best idea for breaking the habit.

Can Cause Unnecessary Weight Gain

Although it can be tempting to let your baby sleep with a bottle at nap time, it is not healthy. Scientists conduct studies all the time and confirm sleeping with a bottle is an unhealthy trait. Napping with a bottle promotes independent feeding, which leads to overeating. Overeating can lead to digestive problems and weight gain in the future. Studies claim babies that feed themselves without supervision are more likely to be obese by age five. Obesity causes a variety of illnesses down the line and is not ideal for a child’s development. Breaking this habit may prove beneficial to your baby in all ways possible.

Temper Tantrums Can Start

Babies love what they love. They will fight for what they love. If they love their bottle so much it becomes too important, it can create drama. Soon, your baby will throw themselves on the floor and wail. They do not want to nap without their favorite napping partner, the bottle. Tantrums can be frustrating for everyone involved. The child feels a sense of necessity for their bottle to go to sleep and will not quit. The best way to get this to stop is to explain sleeping with a bottle is not necessary. They do not need it to go to sleep. You know that, but they do not get it. Giving in to their tantrums will only allow the habit to continue.

No More Bottle at Nap Time

When your baby refuses to go to sleep without a bottle in their arms, it can prove frustrating. Thankfully, the sleep dependency they have is reversible. You may feel like a bad parent taking away their favorite bottle at bedtime, but you are not. You believe in their health and wellbeing as more important than their comfort zone. A lot of parents struggle with coaxing their children into new experiences. If you have a baby with an undesirable sleeping habit, you are not alone. Working on weaning your baby off of the sleeping bottle will be hard, but worthwhile. Communication is key. Your baby can not learn without your help. By breaking bad habits, setting schedules, and rewarding good behavior, your baby will move on. Successfully weaning your child can avoid a lot of problems in the future. Fussy behavior, dangerous obesity, and attention-seeking behavior are just a few.

If your baby cannot go to bed without a bottle, step back, and take a look at what is going on. Is it due to age, their habits, or bad behavior unchecked? The solution is simple once you find the reason. Consider the reasons, and soon your baby will be napping without a bottle in no time.

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