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8 Tips If Your Baby Won’t Nap in the Morning

1. Make it a Routine

One of the best ways to get your toddler is setting time for him to sleep in the morning daily. By doing so, you will make your baby develop a habit of sleeping during morning hours. For sufficient sleeping, make the cues in the environment constant and quiet. For example, in the morning, when you want your baby to sleep, dim lights in his room, and turn down the noise. Ensure that you maintain the right lighting in your baby’s room as it is vital for him to set an internal clock.

The baby’s brain associates darkness and light with sleep or being awake. Dimming lights in the room of your baby in the morning will stimulate sleep. You have to be consistent with the time that you put you, baby, to sleep, thereby making him perceive it as a routine.

2. Reduce Dependence on Soothing Methods

In case you put your toddler in his crib when he is already asleep in the morning and then wakes up after some minutes, the implication is the baby won’t be able to recognize the surrounding, and he will need your help to put him back to sleep. To avoid such instance in the morning, try putting your toddler down when he is drowsy but awake.

By doing so, you will help your toddler to learn to soothe himself to fall asleep and even put himself back to sleep on his own. The strategy is essential in making the baby sleep for long in the morning. As a parent, you should let your toddler learn to do things by himself. Do not over-rely on soothing approaches to make your toddler sleep but let him learn to sleep alone when drowsy.

3. Avoid Feeding Your Baby to Sleep

Toddlers often fall asleep when eating. As a parent, do not rely on feeding your baby in the morning to make him sleep. The approach may not be practical because if the baby dozes off during feeding anytime, he wakes up, he will think about eating before getting back to sleep. Additionally, the approach can be challenging if you are the only one to put your toddler to the crib.

The best way to make your baby sleep in the morning you need to make it a routine. Try feeding the baby early before the time you want him to sleep, bath him, and then put him to sleep when the time is right. You can sing him a calming song till he is drowsy but awake. Through this, your toddler will easily sleep in the morning comfortably.

4. Use White Noise

Your baby might need stimuli to make him sleep in the morning. You can introduce your baby to white noise as it will help him drown out other sounds from the surroundings and make him sleep comfortably and longer in the morning. White music has proven to improve sleep in children and lengthen their sleep times in the morning.

Louder white sounds are the best to make your baby sleep in the morning because they are similar to the sound of water running in a shower. Ensure that the white noise machine can stay for all the sleeping time. If you are using a tablet or a phone for the white noise, ensure that you put it in flight mode to reduce the risks of exposure of your baby to EMF exposure.

5. Gro Clock

The gro clock is most effective if your baby is over two years. The timer helps your baby to understand the time you expect him to sleep in the morning. When using the clock, do not set short wake up time as your toddler may not be patient to stay in bed if the timer rings.

Set a particular time in the morning when you want your baby to sleep and make him aware. Make him learn that at this specific time, he has to take a nap. Through such an approach, your baby will quickly adapt to the sleeping time you set for him. Set wake up after allowing your baby to sleep enough in the morning.

6. Check the Room Temperature

Unfavorable room temple could be the reason for making your baby not to sleep in the morning. Ensure that during the time you want your baby to sleep, the room temperature is around 19 t0 22 degrees Celsius. You can meet the temperatures by dressing up your baby with suitable clothing that will give him warmth and prevent him from waking up due to cold.

Toddlers cannot effectively use duvets and blankets to steer clear. During winter, you also need to keep your toddler’s room warm. Therefore, you need to use a safe oil heater. Have it on when it is cold to give your baby a favorable temperature for sleeping.

7. Allow Your Toddler to Work it Out

During the morning hours, your baby might want to sleep. As a parent, you do not want to rush and help him sleep. By doing this, you will create a cycle that he will be challenging to break. The implication is the toddler will always want to be put to sleep. When your baby feels drowsy in the morning, take him to his crib and allow him to fall asleep by himself.

However, by doing so, you should be sure that he can’t be hungry in the midst of the sleep. In case you know your baby can be hungry while sleeping, feed him than allow him to sleep.

8. Take Sleeping Seriously

During morning hours, ensure that your child is well-rested as this will enable him to sleep better. As a parent, you need to understand that regular naps are essential to your toddler. Teach your toddler to have a little tolerance for being awake. Knowing the necessity of sleep for your toddler will help you to create a conducive environment for your toddler to sleep in the morning.

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