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Help! My Baby Won’t Keep Socks On.

There is nothing cuter than a tiny little pair of baby socks. These cute accessories are the perfect item to finish off your baby’s outfit. Available in all colors and patterns, you’re sure to find just the right pair for your baby apparel.

But, for any parent, socks can be a giant headache as well. How many times have you been out in public and look down to find that your baby has lost one of their adorable little socks? Or when you’re running around town and ready to unload your baby from the car, to find they have kicked their toes free of their hosiery. Well, it’s safe to say you are not alone.

Well, a good thing for you, that’s where we come into play. We’re going to address a few tips and tricks to help you keep those cute little socks on your baby’s feet, where they belong.

Sock, the quintessential item, perfect for everyone. These feet covers are more than just a way to keep her feet warm. They are important to your health as well. Socks help to give your feet a barrier. Reducing the chances of you picking up foot diseases like Athlete’s Foot. They also help with foot sweat and thus stopping most toes chafing, which also causes Athlete’s Foot. These are benefits that transfer to your little one as well.

The sock isn’t only meant for the feet. Placing socks on your children’s hands, when they are newborns, will help to stop them from scratching up their faces with their sharp little fingernails. Does your little one have the chickenpox, well grab the socks! Just like you would for a newborn, sock mitts to discourage itching. They also make great herbal heating packs, sock puppets, and many many other amazing things.

1. Special Socks

Did you know that manufacturers have been working for years to perfect the sock? Experimenting until they have found the perfect, wiggle proof sock? These innovating socks are designed to be never fall off, keeping them on your little one’s feet.

2. Sock-Ons

Sock-on is a newer invention. Designed to help ease the frustration of sock hunting on the go. These nylon covers go over your baby’s socked foot, keeping them firmly in place. Just remember that Sock-Ons are not designed for walking babies or to be worn with shoes.

Sock-Ons come in an array of colors and patterns and are designed for babies 6-12 months.

3. Booties

Booties are cute little sock-like covers for your baby’s feet. They come in all types of colors, patterns, and styles. A personal favorite for most parents, especially ones with babies that are starting to walk is to pick up booties with non-slip treading on the bottom.

4. Footie Pajamas

Another great choice to sock is to place your baby into a one-piece suit. I favor the one-piece footie pajamas, but there are several other options. has just about every option of one-piece suits designed for babies available.

5. Soft Sole Shoes

Similar to booties, soft sole shoes are worn over the socks. These are great for babies that are just learning to walk because they are more durable (but not much) than booties.

Currently, Robeez shoes for babies are the top-selling type of soft sole shoes available. On top of being super cute Robeez shoes are flexible, and non-constricting so they won’t impact your baby’s growth and development.

5. Baby Legs

If you haven’t learned about baby legs yet, then now is a great time. Baby legs are great little leg warmers for babies. They are commonly seen as a cloth diaper accessory. Baby legs are a great way for you to complicate sock removing. Just layer them over the tops of the socks. Now, your baby will have to fight harder to remove their feet covers. Now, if your baby is smart, like babies tend to be, they will figure out a way to free their feet, eventually. In the meantime, they will look super cute.

These are just a few basic ideas to get you started. With a bit of imagination, you’ll have this, like parenting, down pat.

6. Baby Sock Life-Hack for You

Small life hacks for laundry time, as a way to keep from losing socks in the wash. Because we all know that, dryers LOVE to eat baby socks. Take one of those mesh laundry bags they sell in the store. Make sure it’s one with a zipper or tight closing entry point. Place all your socks into them before washing. And presto, no more single socks.

So, just a small warning. While I was researching my baby won’t keep her socks on, I kept coming across recommendations that could have a dangerous effect on your baby. Things like Duct tape or ribbons tied around your baby’s feet, especially when done at the recommendation of tying them as tight as possible, is VERY dangerous. Just like you, there are blood vessels in your baby’s legs. Tying a ribbon tightly, or duct taping your baby’s legs, could cut off the circulation and cause horrible pain to your baby. So PLEASE DO NOT do this.

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