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5 Tips If Your Baby Won’t Go to Her Dad

Babies usually have a favorite parent. Although they will go to both most times, they can shy away from one or the other. There are some occasions where your baby may choose to decide to avoid their father. There are many reasons that this can happen. Babies are funny like that.

Get to the bottom of what might be going on. First, make sure that the reason behind this issue is that your child is not unsafe or being mistreated. No one wants to think of that, but in this world, we all have to consider that first. After you rule out the most drastic, you can tackle some of the small things that can be keeping your child away from his or her father. Read on through this article to see how you can get your baby to connect more to his or her dad. These tricks and tips will be a lifesaver for you all.

1. Consider How Much He Sees The Child

Your baby just may simply not be used to their dad. If you are not married to their dad or do not live in the same house, this could very well be the case. It sounds simple enough, but we don’t think about it. It can be overlooked easily because of how much time you spend with your baby, you think that everyone sees your baby’s sweet face as much as you do. Also, people tend to think that phone time and facetime is the same as actual face-to-face time. It isn’t, though. Your baby could be shy around their father because they have not gotten used to being in their actual presence.

There is a simple solution for this issue if you care to fix it. You have to put some effort into bringing them together more often. Yes, baby may cry, but you will have to put them into situations where they must interact slowly.

2. Your Baby May Not Care For Dad’s Scent

Not that Dad stinks, but it just may not be something that your baby loves. There are things that your baby will like, and there are things that your baby won’t. You will wonder why your baby may like carrots but hate bananas when you feel it should be the opposite way around.

If your child’s father has a strong cologne, maybe he should try toning it down when he comes around to see if that changes your child’s behavior. He may even want to wear something soothing, such as baby lotion or powder, for the time that he is around. Something that the baby is familiar with may make the baby take to him quicker. You are going to have to play around with these ideas and watch your child’s reactions closely. Tailor your next steps accordingly.

3. Your Child’s Dad May Talk Too Loudly

If your child’s dad has a rather loud voice, he may be scaring the baby every time he opens his mouth. Babies are just little creatures, and they are easily scared by any and everything for many of the early years. It is difficult to get a man to tone down his voice if it is the way he has spoken his entire life.

Try having a conversation with Dad about his tone and tell him that you think he may be scaring baby because he is a bit loud. Try talking extra calm so that he will hear it in your voice and catch on. That way, he will be more aware of how loud his tone is. He will catch himself and correct it. Suppose he continues to do it without cues. Call his attention to it each time he does it. Also, point it out when you see that it has made the baby upset. Sooner or later, your child’s dad will see how beneficial it will be if he lowers his tone and gets that time with his child that he has been craving so much.

4. Dad May Have An Unwanted Beard or Wear A Hat

Although beards and hats aren’t necessarily scary to the average person, to a baby, they may be a little creepy or mysterious. They may leave a baby unable to decipher who they are looking at. This is an unwanted problem for a baby. They like to be able to see who they are looking at from every angle. The least little thing can throw them off. A baby can be scared of a dad because of a beard, or they just may not prefer it. The beard may be scratchy to them, and so they choose not to be around it. People tend to think that babies don’t remember, but if they try to cuddle with someone a few times and it scratches their faces, and they don’t like it, they will choose never to do it again. If they cuddle with someone who makes them feel so comfy that they instantly fall asleep, when they see them again, they will look for that cuddle time.

If scrapping the beard is an option, give it a try. You know how men and their beards are, so if that isn’t an option, maybe you can ask for him to minimize it some. If he wears hats and hoodies, ask him to take those off so that his face and head can be seen totally when around the baby.

5. Make Dad Smile Lots For Baby

Sometimes Dad is so into being a master dad that he forgets to be a human and smile lots for baby. This means that your baby doesn’t see him smile nearly as much as he sees you smile. This probably confuses the baby so much, but it’s okay. Nothing wrong with it at all. Dads are usually this way until they have babies. So many fathers don’t learn to be human until they get children. This is when they realize that their lips part and they have teeth between them. They can smile.

Tell your child’s father that they should connect on a level where smiling is normal. You want your child to know that he or she makes their dad happy, and the time that they spend together is a happy time. It is not a time that is so serious. They can have fun and do silly things together.


There are many reasons that baby may not go to her dad just yet, but there are many solutions as well. The key is getting to the bottom of the problem. This is something that you have to be passionate about fixing. Involve Dad in the solution, and I am sure that you will find a way to fix it in no time. You are not alone. Many have gone through the very same thing as you have. Check out some of these reasons why it happened to others.

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