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My Baby Stops Crying When I Pick Him Up

Yes, you are probably thinking, this is a great thing, right? Of course, it is! For the most part, every mother wants their child to stop crying when they enter a room, smile at them, touch them, or pick them up—the script changes when your child ONLY stops crying when you pick him up. No one else can soothe him. Nothing else you do will stop him from crying. No other toy will gain his attention. There is completely no other rescue for you. You have to be a superwoman in every aspect to stop your child from crying every time.

Your stress level remains at an all-time high for weeks at a time, and you have to find a solution. Well, you have come to the right place. There are some solutions to help you work through this thing. Your child can be helped. There are ways to help him come less attached to you as he uses you for calming him. Keep reading to find some suggestions that will make your life as a mother a little more stress-free.

Try A Diversion

Some mothers think they have tried it all but have overlooked the most obvious. Have you tried a pacifier? A simple, very inexpensive solution to a child screaming at the top of his lungs would be to use this diversion. Some parents do not prefer them, but they are very good ideas that can cause children to forget all about what is going on that caused them to want their mother to pick them up in the beginning.

Enlist Help From Other Parent

Mothers are overwhelmed when they feel like they are the only ones that the child will let pick them up, and it will calm them. Sometimes it is beneficial when at least if the other parent can pick them up, and it will calm the child. It may not be stamping out the complete problem, but it is helping some of the stress disappear for the most part. You can begin to work on getting the child to go to other adults, as well. Then other children will follow. After a while, you will start the child not needing to go to anyone at all. Before you know it, your baby will be independent, and this problem will be behind you.

Lay Beside The Child

Instead of picking up your child, try laying beside your child. You are still giving them attention and warmth that is needed for calming. You are just steering the direction of the calming. This will allow you to steer the next steps further. Once you get the child accustomed to you laying beside them. Next, you can start doing other exercises when the child starts to cry. Choose things that are comfortable for you. You may want to try singing to your child when they start to cry or dancing as a response to their cries. Whatever is best for you will be a great response and will serve as the best way to soothe your child.

Do An Activity

Activities of all types are other, more in-depth ways to divert the attention and energy of your child. When done consistently and with a caring attitude, your child will look forward to it. As your child begins to cry, try getting out a squeeze toy and squeezing it to the tune of the itsy bitsy spider. You can even get out puzzle pieces or Legos if your child knows how to play with them by this age and placing them on the floor. Flop down and begin to play. Before you know it, your child will be right beside you playing with you, and the tears will be long gone.

Cry It Out

I saved this until last because I know you will like it the least. Sometimes you have to let them cry it out. The elderly mothers always say, if you have checked to make sure that your baby is fed, dry, and has no fever, then they are good. You can put them down and let them cry a little. They are okay. That is the only way they are going to learn that you will not pick them up every time that they cry. Sadly, your child may just be accustomed to the fact that if they cry, you will pick them up.

Excuse the terminology, but that is called “spoiled.” Although it sounds negative, it isn’t. It just means your baby is smart enough to figure out how to get exactly what he or she wants already. Your little one knows that as soon as they belt out a high pitch scream, you are going to drop everything and come running. Nothing has to be wrong at all. They know that you are coming to see about them.

It is funny if you think about it. That little cutie loves you so much that they have figured out exactly how to get you there in seconds flat. Congratulations on your baby genius. So if you are okay with this, then there is nothing to do, but if you want a little time to yourself and need a change, then the best thing for you to do is to follow some of the rules before to see if you can break the habit.


There are bigger fish to fry I am sure with issues you can have with a baby. You could focus on this one or slowly ween your child out of this one. You will probably find that if you do so, your baby will become more independent, and he or she will be much more independent. People will take to your baby and will love to assist with their care. Try:

  • Try A Diversion
  • Enlist Help From Other Parent
  • Lay Beside The Child
  • Do An Activity
  • Cry It Out

There are many ways to address a crying baby that only wants Mommy to pick him up. It is ultimately up to you how you handle it, so be strong. Think about the lasting effects. Remember that your child has to go out in the world and one day be around people when you aren’t there, so teach them lessons that everyone will appreciate. Be mindful of the people around us and how we still have to be a part of society even though we grow up in our own little homes.

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