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My Baby Sneezes All the Time!

Why is my newborn baby sneezing all of the time?

Just about any parent can tell you that there are a ton of things that no one will tell you about being a parent. This may seem like an oxymoron because it is. Even if people tell you everything about parenthood, the chances that you will remember it once you are entering that stage of your life are slim to none.

That is why it is so easy to get worried whenever you find things happening with your child that you are unsure of. If your baby has been sneezing a lot lately, then you could easily become worried that they have some kind of illness that is affecting them.

There are more reasons that a newborn baby is likely to sneeze than there are that an adult would sneeze. Let’s take a look at the most likely reasons that your newborn baby is sneezing all of the time. This could help to alleviate a lot of anxiety if you ever run into this problem and the teacher. So make sure that you pay attention that you can retain the information as best as possible. By the time you have finished this article, you should feel like you are an expert on the causes of newborn sneezing.

Your baby is trying to clear out a blocked nasal passage.

Whenever a baby is born for the first several months of their life, it is almost impossible for them to be through their mouth. This means that all of everything is done through their nose. The nose of a newborn is unfortunately likely to be blocked fairly regularly for a variety of reasons.

Because your baby is unable to breathe through the mouth anytime that their nose is blocked, they will likely counter that with a sneeze. This sneeze can clear out the passageway so that way they can continue breathing through their nose and not try to learn how to breathe out of their mouth all of a sudden.

Your baby has some kind of irritant in their nasal cavity.

The nose of a newborn baby is going to be far more sensitive than that of an adult. Things that are in the air which would not bother you could be very irritating for a baby. This could be something like cigarette smoke or even air freshener.

If these compounds are found to be irritating to the nasal cavity of your baby, it could lead to a ton of sneezing fits. It can be a little difficult to figure out if this is the reason, but if you find that every time they start sneezing, it is correlated to something else, that is a good indicator they could have some kind of interaction with it.

Your baby has some kind of illness.

Of course, most parents are worried about this factor whenever they find that their baby is sneezing a lot. It is possible that your newborn is sneezing because they are sick with some kind of illness. However, because newborns are far more likely to sneeze than adults and sneeze more often than adults, there are many more reasons that are more likely to be the cause of your baby sneezing fits rather than your baby having an illness.

If you check your baby’s temperature, and they do not have a fever, then the chances are that it is not an illness that is causing your babies to sneeze. However, if you do check their temperature and they do have a fever, then this probably is why they are seizing so much.

The air could be to dry to breathe comfortably.

Depending on what part of the country that you live in, the quality of your air will vary significantly. Some places of the country have incredibly humid air that almost feels like you are walking through a shower anytime you go outside. Other places have incredibly arid and dry air.

This is the type of air that can irritate the nasal lining of your nose. If you happen to live somewhere that has incredibly dry air and you find that your baby is sneezing a lot, then there is a good chance that this is the reason why it is sneezing so often. One of the things that you could do to help counteract this is getting a humidifier for the inside of the house.

This will help to add a little bit of moisture to the air and make it more comfortable for your baby too. Hopefully, this can help to reduce the frequency of sneezing for your child.

Your baby could have an allergic reaction to something in the air.

Allergies are an incredibly common health condition to have. There are many different things that a human being can be allergic to. Although allergies are most likely to begin later on in life, a newborn baby can have some already. If you find that your baby is sneezing often enough that it is worrying you, there is a chance that inside of the air, there are particles of some kind of compound your baby has an allergic reaction to. You can try to install some new air filters inside of the home that is allergen friendly to see if eliminating allergen particles from the air can help to alleviate your baby’s sneezing.

Your baby has a tiny nose that absorbs impurities often.

Finally, one last reason that your baby may be sneezing so often is the size of their noses. Because they have such a tiny nose and they breathe through their nose exclusively, it is very easy for it to get blocked with debris from the air.

As soon as one of their nasal passages is blocked with debris from the air, it will make it far more difficult for your baby to continue breathing. Any time that a baby finds themselves in a situation like this there automatic response is to sneeze.

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