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Baby Sleeping with Arms Up? When to Worry.

    Why does my baby sleep with her arms up?

    The most precious times you get with your newborn are the times that they are soundly sleeping. This is the time that you get the little breaks for yourself and to take a breather as you watch your little one sleep peacefully.

    But when your baby starts behaving differently in their sleep, it may cause panic or confusion as you watch over them. Sometimes your baby might sleep in a position that can give you pause and make you wonder if you should be worried about them.

    Baby Sleeping Positions

    The safest way to allow your baby to sleep is on their back. This helps with any risk of them getting harmed as they sleep. It has been found that babies that sleep on their sides are at risk for SIDs. Because of this, it is recommended that your baby sleeps on their back.

    This is the optimal position so that you can see all the cuteness of your baby as they sleep. Moreover, you can be assured that nothing on their face is being blocked. Otherwise, your baby might have trouble breathing.

    Make sure you do keep an eye on your baby as they sleep. They may wrestle and end up on their side. Don’t panic right away! Just make sure to keep an eye on your baby in case any issues arise as they sleep.

    The Starfish Position

    Once your baby is sleeping soundly on his or her back, you may notice that your little one is making different shapes with his or her body.

    Don’t assume that just because your baby is sleeping in the safest position that you are immune from experiencing changes; including your baby suddenly sleeping with his/her arms in the air.

    My baby also sleeps with their legs propped up!

    A common thing many babies do is sleep with their arms or legs out in the air. While this position may cause alarm or panic at first, don’t overreact.

    It is common for babies to sleep with their legs up. Sometimes baby sleeps with their lives up because they are growing restless or worried while sleeping. It’s possible your baby is trying to reach for you as a source of comfort when sleeping with their legs up.

    Babies can be more easily disturbed in their sleep even when they hear a sound that may be common to you or I. This is because your baby is still learning what sounds are sounds to cause alarm and what sounds are normal sounds.

    Be patient with your little one as they start to learn these new things. Be there for them when they need you, but also give them space so that they can learn different sounds. It is imperative for your baby to learn how to accept the everyday sounds of the environment.

    Read your baby’s body language.

    Another reason your baby may be sleeping in odd positions, such as with their arms in the air, is because they are not resting as well as they should be.

    If this is something fairly new, it can possibly be attributed to the environment your baby is in. You have to remember that when your baby was in the womb, they did not have to think about morning time or night time. It will still be many more years until your baby is aware of what an appropriate time to sleep is.

    Sleeping with their arms in the air might be part of your baby’s regular sleep positions. Allow your baby to continue building his or her sleeping pattern(s). With time, you will eventually recognize when your baby is ready to sleep.

    When you notice that your baby is ready for sleep by putting his/her arms up or sleeping with their legs up, begin your naptime routine.

    Use this curiosity about your baby sleeping positions as a tool to interpret your baby’s body language.

    Is it safe for my baby to sleep with his arms up?

    There should be no major concern about how your baby is sleeping or what positions they hold. Unless you are unable to get your baby to sleep, it is safe for your baby to sleep with their arms up.

    Most of the time, your baby is moving around or reacting to things around them even while sleeping. Just make sure you keep an eye on your baby and if anything alarming arises to bring it to the attention of your doctor right away.


    Simply put, your baby may rest in many different ways and at different times. Similarly, babies have different sleeping positions that they prefer just as adults do.

    As your baby starts to grow and gain independence, it can be hard to let go of worries. Your baby is going to go through many different sleep phases.

    Be patient with your little one. If your baby sleeps with their arms up, allow it to happen. Interpret your baby’s body language and respond with love.

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